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Friday, 14 April 2017 / Published in Massage
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MightyRods Overview

When you pamper a girl to make her feel good, you can be sure that she would have a good sexual experience. This would make your own sexual experience even better, because the girl would end up experiencing some real pleasure rather than having to fake it all the time. If you want a good jerk off experience, you need to go for a porn site that pampers its girls in this manner. The vast majority of porn sites out there treat their porn stars pretty badly, compelling them to do things that they do not really enjoy and paying them off to entice them. MightyRods is very different though. The girls in the videos offered on the site are pampered and massaged before they are fucked.

This makes the porn videos which are featured on the site give you a more fulfilling experience. After being pampered and massaged, the girls then give their own best effort in return. You will be surprised by how naughty they can become after being treated nicely. It’s like a switch to their store of sexual antics has just been flicked on. They become so horny and willing that they can get you to multiple ejaculations in a single sexual encounter. You should read this review of the site before you consider joining the site. The review will give you all necessary information before you spend your money.

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Tech & Specs

MightyRods’ layout is rather unique in the porn world in that it does not feature the colors you are used to see. The colors on the site are actually sensual, with purple and black playing the predominant roles. Purple, in particular, is not the sort of color that you would usually see on a porn site, and the fact that you are seeing it here should give you a pretty good idea that the site is so good. The purple color adds a great feminine touch to the sites general layout.

Featured videos are arranged in grid format on the site for easy toggling through the site when looking for the video you desire to watch. The name of featured model is placed below the content boxes. Navigational buttons and both keyword and category search function links are clearly laid out and labeled on the site. The black primary background in combination with the indigo color used for the content border boxes both combine to accentuate the sites content quite well. Latest updates and popular models are some of the content categories you will find on the site.

MightyRods offers more than 100 full HD quality porn video scenes for your full enjoyment. The clips can either be watched online or downloaded to any of your personal devices. To watch online, you just stream the clip onto an embedded flash player and watch in-browser. As for downloading and watching offline, you can download the clips in WMV, MP4 or MOV file format. The highest available resolution for downloads is 720 x 548 @ 1400 kbps.

Don’t forget the Members’ Fantasy service that this site offers. You can share your fantasy with the site and there is a user-board where others rate the idea. The idea with the maximum votes becomes the theme for the next video that the site produces. The site also offers photo sets for your viewing pleasure. You have about 100 photo sets which you can download from the site. Each photo set contains about 30 excellent quality images. The resolution for the images is at 1280 x 853. All the images offered on the site can easily be downloaded in ZIP file format.

Content Quality

The erotic experience you will have when you take a look at the girls in the video clips offered on MightyRods is truly extraordinary. You are going to enter a state of mind where nothing is going to matter except the pleasure that you are trying to get. The girls featured on the site are the horniest and hottest girls you have ever seen. They are girls who truly know what it takes to make a man cum multiple times in just a few seconds. They are girls who have been taken to the clouds before they then effectively take their men to cloud nine.
The horny sluts offered in the videos on the site are massaged and oiled up before they are fucked. This puts them into an extremely relaxed state of mind, one where the only thing that then matters to them is the pleasure they will be getting and that which they will be giving. Thus, when they get fucked their moans are not faked.

Their muscles are loosened up and this makes them limp and willing during sex. It gets them ready to do whatever it takes to give their man pleasure and make sure that he has the best sexual experience of his life. This procedure makes your own ejaculation experience while watching the porn video clips featured on the site better than anything you have ever found in the whole porn industry. It leaves you with a jerk off session which is immersive and intuitive. The diversity present in the sexual acts featured, with everything from one on one, couples sex, girl on girl, anal play, doggy style play and so on, offers something for everybody. Hence, no matter what you are into, the porn variety offered by the site will have you covered for sure.

Long Story Short

In conclusion, the quality porn videos offered by MightyRods have been made with standards higher than you usually see in the ordinary porn world. This makes your subscription to the site worthwhile, as it then comes from a position of understanding and sexual excitement rather than desperation. You really should subscribe to this site, as you will never get anything nearly this good anywhere else. Discounts and the offer of free access to other quality porn sites in their network make the deal a lot more lucrative. It is the best deal you can get anywhere. It is worth signing up to MightyRods.

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