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Sunday, 05 February 2017 / Published in Massage
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NuruMassage Overview

The connection between a masseuse and client is always rife with sexual tension. Getting massaged by a sexy slut with perky nipples, full and firmly rounded breasts, tight ass and juicy cunt is an experience especially when the massage happens to be Nuru massage. Oily and slippery bodies slithering at every touch, rubbing together, and giving all erogenous zones, including the sex organs, a tinge, tickle and turn-on, is a must watch for porn lovers. NuruMassage is a site that gives you this exclusive massage porn. Trust me, you will get a boner the moment you visit this site.

NuruMassage is based on massaging a body in the buff, using a special type of aromatic oil, Nuru oil. The site features such a massage in all its videos, with a guy visiting a massage parlour to get a massage from a masseuse. There are other videos that involves reverse Nuru massage. Reverse Nuru massage is when a guy gives a Nuru massage to a bitch. Lesbian Nuru massage is another common type of Nuru massage and this site features lesbian, Nuru massage and reverse Nuru massage in abundance.

To help you take an educated decision, we have reviewed NuruMassage and presented to you a critical analysis of why you should subscribe to this site. We are confident that by the time you complete reading this review, you will be motivated to subscribe to this site. There are two parts to this review – design & features and girls & videos, and how they combine to positively contribute to your overall porn experience on this site.

Most popular adult website to enjoy some awesome massage videos

Tech & Specs

When you visit NuruMassage, you will find that the site is a no nonsense site. The simplicity of the design and layout of its videos is very attractive. A sample of the latest NuruMassage videos welcomes you, with samples of pictures and porn stars below them. You can also reach out to the videos, pictures and porn stars through the tabs at the top of the site. On the header, above the tabs, there is a beautiful slideshow of the partner sites of NuruMassage, with a banner on the left side of the header. Towards the right side of the tab section, below the slide show, you will find a yellow coloured Join Now button. Lower down the site, there is a purple button, “Share A Fantasy.” I will explain about this feature later in the review.

Whether you are on the videos section, pictures section or the porn-stars section, you can customize the site to suit your preference. The default view is one with the thumbnails, with the title of the video, date of uploading, the number of likes and dislikes and the porn stars featured in the video. You can customize it in the form of a list with details on the right, or have the thumbnails without the details. On clicking a video, you will also find the tags and a brief description of the video.

All videos are in 1080p, full HD quality and you can find over 400 of them in the site. All pictures are also in HD quality, and you have access to four other partner site, if you sign up to this one. Finally, let me come to the colour scheme of the site, which consists of cyan and black. This is a unique and very innovative combination that leaves a lasting impression on you. Further, it creates a relaxing ambience that enables you to focus on the HD quality videos.

Content Quality

There is a certain charm associated with Nuru massage that is difficult to explain. A normal, regular massage is what many of you are familiar with. A guy or girl goes to a massage parlour and is serviced by a person of the same sex, making sure that the erogenous zones are not stimulated. The massage uses aromatic oils and focuses on relaxing the muscles, while toning your body. Nuru massage, on the other hand, uses a masseur’s / masseuse’s body to create the massaging effect. So, the masseur / masseuse is naked, as is the client, and massaging is a no-holds-barred massage.

The sexiness of this massage technique starts before the bodies are oiled; in fact, it starts in the shower. The masseur / masseuse sexually stimulates the client’s sex organs, and then goes on to applying the slippery Nuru gel to massage.
The videos take eroticism to a whole new level that cannot be achieved through normal massages and the nakedness of the client and masseur/masseuse will heighten your jerk-off quotient. The porn stars of this site have bodies to drool over. Any man will cum hard if he watches such nasty cunts perform for him on camera. Perfect bodies, well-rounded boobs, nipples that need to be sucked all day long, asses that are best spanked and pussies that are hungry for dicks, the bitches have it all in them.

How about describing you a porn video of this site? Wouldn’t that be interesting? This is a very erotic video covering various genres – outdoor Nuru massage, pussy cream pie, natural tits and hardcore fuck. Romeo Price wants to experience his first Nuru massage and visits Anissa Kate. Anissa Kate has other plans and decides to give him the Nuru massage outdoors. Romeo has no words to describe when he is told that the session will be under the sky.

When Anissa escorts Romeo to the poolside and gets him naked, and removes her gown, Romeo takes an instant liking to the melons like breasts. The masseuse spares no time in taking the gel and massaging Romeo. He is unable to contain his boner that is clearly visible to Anissa. Applying the gel all over each-others’ body, she gives Romeo a great titty fuck and an outstanding blowjob. Anissa not only gives Romeo a great erotic massage, but also takes his huge cumload into her pussy.

Long Story Short

Subscription to this site is the best thing you can do to up your jerk-off quotient. Affordable, even at the least count, you can choose from monthly, quarterly and annual membership options, with annual subscription options being the best. This offers you huge savings as compared to the monthly plans.

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