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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 / Published in Anal
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To most of us, that is just too, too early in life to know enough about life to make that kind of choice. It would appear however that even if we think that they are too early in life to put themselves into that lifestyle, many would be surprised to learn that many who are currently in the lifestyle were experiencing some thrills associated with BDSM sometimes even earlier in life than that. Fresh guys have been known to toy with it when they play cowboys and Indians, for instance, such as when they wrap each other in ropes to pretend that the Indians are tied on a stake for example.

Assuming thus that we cannot deny that these guys would be interested in toying with BDSM, then such a site as PunishTeens has to be totally acceptable. The site itself seems to be nono consensual at first glance, but if we delve deeper into it, then one needs to accept that everything shown on that site is safe, sane and very consensual after all.

As soon as one opens this site one is confronted by some very fresh girls who are being fucked one way or another. Some are wearing huge leather collars which yank on their neck because there is a chain attached to it. Some are being given agony via entry into their nether holes by large cocks, and some are being required to give large cocks deep throat which cause not only coughing but gagging and the spitting up of sputum that comes from deep in their stomachs. Then there is the BDSM, wherein beautiful bodies are bound in unforgiving ropes that constrain their hands behind them, and fold their elbows together which brings horrendous agony to one’s tender shoulders. You will see these fresh girls wincing in agony from such treatment over and over again. One picture will haunt you for sure, as you see a lovely dark-haired girl whose hands are apparently bound behind her having to simply take strong nipple clamps pinching her burgeoning nipples!

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One has to keep in mind that what looks absolutely horrific, and as if the girls are suffering way beyond what they can take, that this site is actually specializing in what can only be called playful dominance fight. What looks as if the girl is half getting killed, is actually playing out a fantasy. Additional actions that are being inflicted on all of these guys include tight, and some of the most unbelievable hard gags possible. It is all played to the hilt, and thus even the gags look as if they come from some medieval time.

Over and over again you will think that this must be the real thing, and that you are seeing reality porn, but do keep in mind that as horrific as some of the acts look, that it is all consensual and thus there need be no worries about the fate that is happening to this people. All that is shown is some of the kinkiest BDSM you can lay your hands on. A lot of this is to be honest with you purely sadistic, and we are guessing that many of the girls shown on the site are actually masochists. If this is true, and we suspect that it is, then what you are seeing is plain and simple pure pleasure that is hidden under the pretense of being in agony as these various videos play out.

The Agony turns into the Ecstasy

So, granted that vaginal stretching, as you will see there, is actually terribly agonizing, you have to keep in mind that actually this is what the girl has been wanting, and desiring with all her might. The actions that you will see here have been pre-negotiated between them.

What we especially loved in this site is to see the brats getting their come-uppance. BDSM brats can be a real fun to the dominant, and the dominant just takes and takes, until he can take no more, and then all hell breaks loose. You will note that this is what happens on the site when a brat pushes the dominant just a wee bit too hard. The spanking that she gets certainly gets her ass red as can be, but we found ourselves cheering when we saw that the dominant had brought tears to this girl’s eyes. That’s the way the cookie crumbles in these things, the girls are sorry for having pushed the dominant, but it’s just too late and she has to undergo and take her punishment, which in this case was one very long and very harsh spanking. Everyone who is “into” BDSM likes to see exciting things happening to the submissives who are shown on the various sites that deal with BDSM. Often the rougher the better, and in this case those who are seeking rough treatment of the submissives will certainly be satisfied. This site contains some of the roughest BDSM we have seen in a long time.

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