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Wednesday, 02 December 2015 / Published in Fetish
Most popular adult premium website with incredible BDSM stuff

Sexysettings Overview

Sexysettings is a polite BDSM site that features attractive amateur women performing a range of sexually titillating acts for the camera. The scenes here reflect an impression of sweet surrender; a willingness to be tied up by your fucker and submit to their sensual enchantments.

Tech & Specs

The site offers a rich preview of the content with many captions of the various scenes splashed on their cover page. It is also accessible via mobile devices and loads fairly fast. It isn’t easy to describe the layout as exactly organized, but they have made a good effort to provide links to the various video scenes. You are also provided with a zip download feature that enables get all your stuff in one place. There is no search tool, no clear categories, live cam or bonus, but you have plenty of content to savor. You can also stream the videos directly on the site with the built-in flash player. The recently uploaded files come with the best-quality definition. There are plenty of photos to view. The only problem is that they are not separated from the videos. Sexysettings is one of those sites that subject you to adventure browsing. You have to sift through the content to, really, get to know the full impression of what the site offers for porn entertainment. I was impressed with Claude’s idea of twisting BDSM to a unique softer angle. I’m sure many of you will like it just as I did.

Content Quality

The sexy and attractive models are seen in designer lingerie in various scenes. They also throw off all clothing in other scenes and pose while nude with sexy shyness. The concept of amateur girls in porn has continued to attract larger audiences over the time. Some of us are ticked much more with shows that feature models in their natural instincts. It makes you part of the game. The innocence that comes with amateur models is fresh and original. I love the selection of models on this site. There seems to be a deliberate attempt to provide a rich variety of models with different personalities. The models are strapped and tied in bathrooms, living rooms and bedroom areas. There is a different kind of strapping here. The girls are tied with softer textures; strips of cloth and friendly garters. The characters and camera people have a way to avert revealing real sexual encounters in which you can view a penis penetrating a girl. I tried to squint and sift through the videos, but I didn’t succeed. However, there are numerous sensually charged scenes in which dudes care, fondle and finger the girls. Although the site is predominantly focused on BDSM, there are several instances in which the girls are left to roam about. they then get screwed lovingly by dudes. Claude is featured in several scenes screwing the models. You get plenty of pussy licking and dick sucking scenes. All the scenes are shot in homely locations. This aspect adds to the friendly BDSM dimension that Claude adopts here. For the record, this is one of the sites owned and produced by Claude Christian. He says he does it himself to guarantee originality of content. There are, approximately, 150 videos that come in varying playback lengths. You get to view about 27 galleries with approximately 30 pics in each. The videos are made in MP4 and MV4. The pics come with an impressive 3000p size spec. This is a very respectable size dimension.

Long Story Short

Sexysettings is a welcome twist to BDSM porn. They present exclusive scenes that feature very attractive amateur girls in action. The image quality is very impressive too. If you have a soft spot for polite BDSM that features amateur models, you are best served on Sexysettings.

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