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Tuesday, 11 October 2016 / Published in Fetish
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Shadowlane Overview

Sometimes there are just times when you feel a little naughty to spank someone who’s been naughtier. Oh yes, don’t be shy you are in safe space right now. We totally get you and understand what you need and want. It is in a human’s nature, after all, to want to be dominant or to dominate over another, especially if this “other” has been a really bad girl who needs to be taught a lesson.
There are a lot of people who are in the spanking fetish right now. It might not be too apparent, but if you work in the porn industry, like us who write reviews for porn sites, you will notice the steady increase of membership to these types of sites.

The only problem is, there are not enough porn sites that best show this fetish in its full glory. There are different issues. Either the porn site doesn’t have enough exciting videos, or it’s not updated frequently, or the quality of the porn site is not that good.
Fortunately (and since a couple of guys here in the office are into this kind of videos too), we have found a really great porn site, and yes, you’ve guessed it right. We are going to review this porn site today so be ready for some awesome spankin’ action.

The name of the porn site is ShadowLane. Just from the name itself you already know that you are in for some really dark and dirty videos, right? And that’s exactly what you are going to get, nothing more and nothing less. But first, you need to register as a premium member in order to gain access to these videos. Don’t worry, we will share with you the sign-up procedure before continuing with the review.
It is oh so simple, the entire membership process only consists of three simple steps. First, you need to enter the username, password, and email that you want to use, the payment method that is most convenient for you, and the membership type that fits your needs. There are four types of membership, a one month, three months, six months, and one year option.

After that, you may already explore the site in full since you already have full access. One thing that we have liked about this porn site is the fact that they even accept gift cards as payment. So if you have unused gift cards lying gift cards lying around, let’s say like that one you got from the fancy yogurt shop which you know you’re never going to use then you might want to consider that card turning into a membership plan of the best spanking porn in the world.

shadowlane is the best premium porn site to acces class-A hardcore material

Tech & Specs

The website design of ShadowLane is pretty simple. It’s not as flashy and fancy like the other porn sites that you might get used to, but it is important to note that even though the porn site’s design is not as impressive, its content is.
Well, before we head on to discussing what this chick has, let us talk about the general layout of the site. The header or the banner of the site is like a collage of the best scenes that you will ever find in the porn site so far.

Underneath the banner, you will find the site menu first. You might want to get acquainted with it because it will help you get around the site. Scrolling down, though, you will then find the thumbnails that represent the site’s latest content. Well, on the first page, at least. Each thumbnail contains some information about the scene that you might want to learn about. These are the title (which is actually the name of the DVD where you will also find the video), the date when the video was uploaded, the five star rating of the scene (as given by the members who have already watched it), and finally, the name of the porn stars starring in the video.

Content Quality

First, they are outstandingly beautiful, and second, they are all into the fetish that you will find on the site. There are actually two types of porn stars in ShadowLane. First, there are the dominants of the channel. As mentioned in the porn site, Shadowlane has actually seen quite a number of different dominants over the years. There are the mainstays and there are also the guest ones those that are featured following the concept of the particular DVD.

Then there are the naughty dirty ladies who get spanked. The type of ladies, nor their nationalities were not really mentioned in the porn site, however, one thing is for sure. All of the ladies here (in fact, including the lady dominants) have a really tasty ass. They all have, in every definition of the words, “spankable asses” – bubbly butts that you will really love to see wiggle and get spanked red.
As for the videos, they are all in high-definition quality no less and you can download and stream all of them if you want! As much as your computer’s memory can handle, I suppose.

Long Story Short

I really enjoyed the video selections of this site. In fact, I can probably say that I have stayed on it, more than I should. Well, what can I do? It’s not illegal to enjoy the perks of your job, right? Especially when it’s really a kick-ass porn site. This is the reason why I really recommend this porn site, even to those who don’t really enjoy the fetish exactly.

It doesn’t hurt to explore new things, most especially if it has something to do with your sexuality or just plain old porn enjoyment. There are only a few porn sites that offer this type of fetish with the same quality that ShadowLane does so I really suggest that you don’t let this opportunity to go to waste and simply give in.

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