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Friday, 09 June 2017 / Published in Gay
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Straightboysuncovered Overview

You can watch the best gay hardcore videos on straight boys uncovered. Some guys just find out later in life they were never straight, and it’s awesome to see it happen on camera. You can enjoy some of the most surprising coming out scenes from some of the hottest looking amateurs that decide to share their revelations with the world.

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Tech & Specs

The layout has nothing too complex or too many graphics that might make the site hard to load. Only the guys get loaded with cum. You can see dozens of video previews that have runtimes stamped and a number of views. On the main page, those aren’t necessarily in a certain order. You can’t search for specific stuff but you can use the Longest of Top-Rated pages to filter out some content. It would be too hard anyway to sort out the hundreds of videos into categories. Some might fall under multiple ones some under just one. I prefer it like this than having to search 3 different categories and find the same scene at the top of each page. This simplistic approach makes the site feel less cluttered and easy on the eyes.

Membership is free but a registration is required. This is done only to verify the minimum age requirements. Once a member, you can watch any video on site from your PC or mobile device and you can also download videos and pictures. You can also submit your own content if you think you have something to show. Free porn in such huge quantities is not something you get every day, especially not all the gay sex you want in the same place.

Content Quality

There is no predominant type to speak of. Sure some of the dudes are in great shape and have massive dicks that would make women pornstars cry over them. Others might remind you of the creepy guy from the subway, or that fat geek you knew from college. These guys are amateurs and it shows. Not having professional studio equipment also paints some of the less attractive ones in sort of a bad way. Nevertheless, this is real life. This is how your average day Joe looks like. Ripped 8-pack dudes with perfect bone structure aren’t that many in the world.

The videos are not impressive when it comes to quality. Since most are homemade submitted xxx scenes, you can’t expect much. At least the action is great. Apart from a few solo scenes, everything looks hardcore and sounds hardcore. Some are maybe made by accident or without much thought put into them but a lot of scenes actually involve some costume play or different scenarios and fetishes. It’s clear these dudes have something to prove. They all like cock and not just their own.

The sexual awakenings on straight boys uncovered can be viewed in excellent conditions from any device. The video quality is not HD and most of it doesn’t even come close to HD. There is a flip side to this. Lower video quality means faster streaming for all devices, yes this includes mobiles and tablets. You won’t be able to say anything bad about your internet provider after watching gay xxx scenes of straight boys uncovered.

Long Story Short

For amateur only content, the collection has plenty of scene variety. There’s much to see from solo to group sessions, and it’s somehow always hotter to see regular folk get down and dirty. As real as studio productions are, they seem fake in a way, when compared to real life sex on camera.

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