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Saturday, 01 February 2014 / Published in Gay
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Strokethatdick Overview

Masturbating is good – it’s good to do, and nice to watch… the best thing is to do it while you watch others doing it. That’s why they create solo scenes like the ones on the StrokeThatDick. But let’s get one thing straight: the name may suggest otherwise (it’s rather double-meaning) this portal isn’t straight. The site was meant for gay audience as it features hot lads masturbating in front of the camera. This is an old site, at least it was registered ten years ago. Nowadays it’s an archive of solo porn videos, and it has been a long time since it last seen anything new. However, the videos were upgraded, which means that their quality improved since they were converted into HD flicks. The content is dated, so you can see when they added the latest movie, and you may also notice that the site had a nice update schedule. This site is powered by the Gamma, and it is part of the NextDoorWorld Network.

There are nearly 4,000 hardcore videos for you, and you can access them all from the members’ zone. The StrokeThatDick is one of those sites which has a niche in focus instead of a star. The other series, sites you can browse in the members’ area are really sexy too, and believe us: the videos here are the soft ones, the rest of the collection is quite on the hardcore end. Every scene and photo set of the site – and of the network – is exclusive, and they are not available on any other portal. This and the extras you can enjoy are making the site still recommended for all gay-porn fans.

Tech & Specs

Enter the world of hot guys masturbating when you open this site. There are hot photos listed throughout the page, and though some of them aren’t too fresh they show you what kind of guys you may expect. The tour features these photos, and one compilation trailer on the joining page. After joining and entering your credentials you land at the members’ area, where you can see the site’s videos listed first. As far as the menu is concerned, it’s a really simple one, and doesn’t offer anything extra: the content, the sites and the bonuses are reachable from there. The movies of the site are DRM free, and due to their age, they are in interesting formats. The video quality maxes out at an SD resolution, and to download, the site grants you QuickTime and WMV formats. In-browser playing is also an option, which you should use if you are looking for a quick jerking. The quality is the same as of the downloadable files. There are photo galleries too, and though there is no slideshow option, the site doesn’t even grant a zip file download option. The quality is good, though it’s not that HQ your eyes might have used to.

Content Quality

On the StrokeThatDick you can browse through a collection of porn videos, featuring hot lads as they masturbate for the camera. The site makes some hard-to-believe claims by stating that the largest part of the models are amateurs, and have no prior modeling experience. Naturally we have no right to judge the site, and in fact, some of the lads here really seem to be genuine, and they sometimes seem to be uncomfortable with being recorded. This gives the videos a nice feeling, which seems to turn any gay on. This collection features all kind of man. The majority of the lads are Caucasians, but Latinos and Ebony lads are also appearing, along with some Asian-like boys. All guys you can see in these videos are fitting the popular man-types, so you can enjoy watching as twinks are jerking off, but if you prefer the big guys, they go off with moans of pleasure too. Since the lads are mostly laying or sitting during the scene, you won’t see much of their body. However there are picture sets which feature them in different positions, so you can get the full picture of their body. If you like the guys you could even get in touch with them through the site and get yourself a hot live cam show from them. And most of them aren’t disappeared, thus you can watch them performing in other videos of the studio. So, the StrokeThatDick features only one main niche: gay guys masturbating. They mostly do it with their hands, so there are not much toys appearing, and though on other sites masturbation scenes usually feature anal insertions, here you get mostly manual jobs. But this doesn’t mean that the videos are not varied: you can still get your exciting masturbation videos, and if it’s necessary the guys use toys, and some of them gets so horny, they stick a finger in their ass. The usual length of the videos is 15-20 minutes. For an average man jerking off usually takes less time than that, but since these are porn videos, the guys are taking their sweet time, so you can have your fun. Most scenes have a bit of striptease in them, the lads are taking off their clothes and showing the interesting parts of their body. Most scenes are shot from a fixed directions, but there is usually an operator who makes the videos interesting by shooting from different angles.

Long Story Short

The StrokeThatDick has great content, and the videos here are all really sexy. As far as the amount is concerned we would say that it’s satisfying, but it’s not the greatest collection. However, you should keep in mind: there is a full network for you to enjoy, so you can always get your hands on much hot, and sexy gay content. The NextDoorWorld Network becomes available as soon as you join the StrokeThatDick, and it’s a very good bargain considering the nature of the videos.

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