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Monday, 12 December 2016 / Published in Adorable
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Teensinthewoods Overview

I love porn, no matter how cheesy it looks like or even sounds like. Porn is something that we enjoy as a whole and with it, comes the hundreds of other genres we enjoy (and cringe at) and as farfetched some of these scenes seem to be, we cannot help but be at awe and ogle at the wonder and beauty that is essentially porn. Most of the time, I get so into the entire ordeal of watching that I get sucked into some of the plots way too much. I have gone as far as tackling mommy BDSM to daddies giving their step offspring some good loving. With porn, everything is covered and only a few do surprise me from time to time.

If I do get surprised, it is usually because it is my first time hearing or watching such – or if the theme is really out of there and quite unusual than the common porn we have been accustomed to. For example: horror or suspense themed porn sites that bring out the best of rough and intense sex scenes. With that in mind, I give you one of the very best in the history of the Fetish Network: TeensInTheWoods. It simply brings about the dark, dingy, and unusual kind of theme but it does focus on hardcore sex and reality porn above all else. Of course, when I say dark, I would mean the plot and the progression of the scenes and movies found in the site.

I was rather surprised that every single video right here is properly directed, without the cheesy lines, and it would look like they actually spent a real total effort bringing the best of all of these. As they have bragged in their very own site, this is “horror porn finally done right” and I have to give my utmost thanks to the Fetish Network for delivering the great goodies to the public. Sure, the Fetish network has always been a great source of good fetish porn, but his one right here, in my opinion, tops it all off. It is a great representation of horror porn and it brings out the best of the rough and sexy stuff happening in the now.

It all starts off with these ladies going for the trip of their lives, in the forest, getting all adventurous, until they get lost in the woods, and get picked up by a random guy or the ranger himself: Ranger Rick. Ranger Rick may seem like your average ordinary, and helpful enforcement but there is more to him than meets the eye. This “helpful” ranger likes luring his prey to an isolated cabin and “disciplines” them according to his judgment. The girls may seem uninclined  at first but they are loving every single moment of their dire but hardcore situation. They love being fucked silly, in different positions, and in different situations.

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Tech & Specs

The site’s design fits for the sole purpose of the dark theme it possesses. They instilled the appropriate dark color schemes that would make Tim Burton proud. Dark colored backgrounds, white and grey fonts, eerie and creepy still of girls escaping the wrath of the forest – all the elements of a perfect thriller is her and it does not get any better than that. If you have already signed up as a member then whipping out all the features would be a mighty breeze. If you have not signed up and registered, I suggest you do so right now because you are missing out on a lot of exclusive content.

By exclusive, I mean you will not be seeing any of the movies anywhere else except here. Some people like going for trial versions but that will most probably cost you more when you renew it monthly, that and your access is fairly limited. With this one right here just being launched currently, it is rather understandable why there is little lack of content. Sufficient to say, TeensInTheWoods gets updated a lot and in next to no time, you and I will have tons of things to be raving about. With it being a tad fresh, there is not a lot of browsing tools but there is the pagination link in the home or main page and with that you can easily navigate to and fro. This pagination link comes below the huge banner that the site has.

A little more to the bottom, you will the line up of newly updated videos complete with video caps, time stamps, a vivid description of what is going to happen, and a short but informative trailer which you will have to click to see. Of course, if you are already a member, you can always access everything easily and right away. Currently, there are 8 photo sets that contain an average of 80 photos inside. Along with those astounding features, you get to have access to 30+ other porn sites under the Fetish Network for free.

Content Quality

With all the great features in mind, let us not forget the fresh faced, erotic beauties who love every single thing that is hardcore and pleasurable. These freshies can be seen in lascivious scenes, getting screwed from behind and from the front. Such scenes are caught on film and shared to the subscribers of the site itself. The films can be viewed in your browser through and embedded Flash player. You may also download the scenes and saving them to your devices in MP4 format. Both support a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution to all 8 movies present and nothing less. Each scene and movie lasts for 45 minutes in minimum.

Long Story Short

I loved and still love everything in this site. It is certainly unique and it will certainly be enjoyed by many. The quality is superb and the quantity is decent and is not showing any signs of slowing down since the updates.

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