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Sunday, 25 September 2016 / Published in Adorable
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Ten Overview

Ten is more of a full-fledged porn society than it is a standalone frail site stuffed with common porn. In here you find virtually all niches that run through gonzo, anal, fisting, lesbian, tit-fuck, BBW, BDSM, MILF as the list counts down healthily. You literally could ooze some slime before even you clicked on anything. The vastness, quality of content, organisation and the bunch of other sites that link to it will keep your porn addiction afloat for a very long time to come.

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Tech & Specs

The big question is, as bombastic as Ten looks and flaunts its name, did the webmasters live up to the domain name? I would say yes with a confidence. Ten is striking just from the colours that the site is adorned with. Contrasting colours not only give a clear view of what to click, it also gives prominence to the spirit-mauling content. Manoeuvrability through the website is quite easy. Videos have been aligned four in a row. It may look crowded but not quite.

They have been condescending a little, but without compromising the picture quality nor the sexy figures flexing their pussies. Each scene is titled and expressly rated so you know where the heat is. Fonts are moderately stylish and clear,the search algorithm is quite comprehensive, and models are gorgeously presented as trophies of succulence, while the videos are well strewn across the page from end to end for better viewing.

Content Quality

Ten is the diversity pussy world you had been looking for because what the site offers is tidbit matter. Our encounter with Ten was striking majorly due to the fact that the site is characterised by some unexpected contrasts. It would be hard to imagine that Ten’s videos are not downloadable even though the site boasts of thousands of videos (2800) and counting. Each day or two, fans are eager as they countdown to a new video upload.

The only option that they have is streaming them in MP4 formats with 995 X 560. Not quite the mammoth we expected. Yet another drawback is the fact that not a single picture is available for download. How sad. Unless you can appreciate a snapshot of one of the videos, then you have no way to download any gratifications from this mother of a site. With that said, there is a tonne to appreciate in here.

With succulent bodies made for grand cravings, fucking and sucking, you are not likely to get disappointed here. The sub-niches are overwhelming. From anal providers to tit fucks, blowjobs to MILF fuck, deep throating, you have a lot to keep you busy exploring your orgies. The models that run the show in Ten are awesome and give their whole bodies to every debauch thoughts one may have.

We have in here fisting nitwits, twisted anal dissectors, and deep dick pits that take in virtually any monster. The room is wide and the players are wild. They include such daring name as Indiana Mack and Jasmine Black who subdue every lucky boy’s cock. his hot juice right into a deep cunt. If you need to ace your orgasm with more content, some 12 bonus sites await thee.

Long Story Short

Ten is a mega site of sites but it is not without flaws. We dislike it from its rather steep price in relation to the fact that there are virtually no pics and you cannot make any downloads. Even though, we do recommend its sea of contents and the deep diversity of erotic videos on the site.

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