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Saturday, 05 July 2014 / Published in Gay
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Tylersroom Overview

Gay porn is a highly specialized field of porn. It might not be too apparent because it is really usual for people to think that there is already a lot of existing gay porn online, but the truth is, the number of high-quality gay porn is not that many. In fact, it is not enough for the growing number of porn fans who are watching and waiting for these types of porn videos. Another on-going problem that gay porn fans face every day is how to find the videos and general porn content that they want. We know that there are only a few of them, but we know that they are there.

The thing is, it is just too difficult to find them. This is the reason why whenever we find good gay porn sites we rejoice here in the office quite a bit and we get really excited to share them with our readers…like today. Yes, today we are going to talk about a really neat site that we have just stumbled upon. At first, we were a bit curious as to what this website was all about because it did not look like the other porn sites that we were used to seeing. We were sure about a couple of things, though. First, this porn site sure looked interesting. And second, it is all about gay porn.

We are talking about the porn site TylersRoom. Have you heard of this porn site already? It was our first time to encounter this site, but it was interesting enough to get us hooked at first sight! We are going to talk about that a little later on the design and features part of this review. Anyway, going back to the site, TylersRoom is a site that offers different types of gay porn. In fact, almost all of the different niches of gay porn were covered. And this is exactly what we love about this site. Everything is there already!

You won’t need to go to other gay porn sites anymore to get your fill because everything you need is all in one place. Plus, we also loved the fact that all of the content that you are going to see here was actually produced by different studios. We believe that the videos or porn movies that you will find on this porn site were already curated by none other than the web master himself, Tyler. And because of this, you are sure that you will absolutely enjoy every single scene that you will be watching here because they are all Tyler certified.

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Tech & Specs

The website design of TylersRoom is really simple, especially when you only have a single page to explore. Yes, that’s right. Remember when we mentioned earlier that the layout of the website was really interesting for us? The reason is because everything is all in one page. The different content that you would be able to watch and download is all there. If you would want to see specific things on your page, like the latest uploads, or a certain category, then all you need to do is to check the left panel of the page in order to select the options that you would want to see.

There are two sections there: the Quick Nav and the Updates. The Quick Nave contains the different categories or gay porn niches that they offer. We really enjoyed going through everything (because there were definitely a lot of them). Some of their categories that we found interesting and unique were Bukakke (obviously the male version of bukkake, Muscle Men Galore (where you would be able to find all those chiseled men to your liking), and Cyber Bears (for those who enjoy watching bearish type of guys).

As for the Quick Nav, there are five options that you can choose from: today, yesterday, 2 days ago, 3 days ago, and 4 days ago. From these selections, we have determined that the porn site really updates this site daily.

Content Quality

We love how the site’s content actually comes from different studios and adult porn productions. Just think, each of these sites all have their own type of men that they cater. In this way, the viewers of TylersRoom are ensured that they would be able to enjoy watching different types of men, even nationalities. Feeling that you want to watch bears today? No problem. Feeling like watching twinks later? No problem.

Even those specialized niches and fetishes are covered. Some of those that we have seen in our brief tour were military, amateur, and orgies. It is just all boils down to your mood and what you want to watch for the day. Just remember, all of the content that you are going to find on this one mega page, are all available for one month.

The porn site also ensures that they have really fast servers so nothing would hinder you from downloading and watching everything. It could get a bit overwhelming, though, because of the huge amount of movie selections that you are going to choose from, so here’s a tip from our resident gay brother: select three to five movies a day and download them. Do the same for the next days for a month. You can all watch them all after even if your month of access runs out.

Long Story Short

In the end, we give this site a double thumbs up, and Tyler, a really high five, for putting all of this stuff together. It takes a lot of time and effort to be able to maintain a site like this with updated and curated content every single day.

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