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Friday, 22 July 2016 / Published in Lesbian
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Magiclegs Overview

The MagicLegs has a lot of sex stuff to show you. If you like cute girls, and you won’t say no to worship some nice feet, then this compilation will satisfy your very needs. The MagicLegs is a three years old portal with a collection of modeling- and softcore lesbian porn videos. The videos look a bit amateurish, but the fact that hot Polish and US girls are showing off everything they have, makes this collection to be a warmly recommended one. Fortunately, the site is part of a big network, so it has more for you than you may have guessed at the first glance.

We were able to find out that this website launched in 2013, and it was pretty active; nowadays it doesn’t receive that much content, but it’s still one of the most active portals of this network: there were four updates in March, consisting of photo sets and videos. The MagicLegs is an UnlimitedAccessPass website, which offers its members a really large selection of hardcore sex videos. If you become a member of the MagicLegs, you gain access to the whole network. As you can see on the tour page, you can enjoy here more than 4400 videos, covering softcore modeling and lesbian sex, and also many juicy hardcore scenarios.

The MagicLegs in fact is one of the hottest sites in this network, since it provides a compilation of scenes, which feature the stars of most of the solo sites of the UnlimitedAccessPass. Some bits of fetishes always have their place, and this is true for the UnlimitedAccessPass, which has several other portal with fetishes: big boobs, big asses, big beautiful women, MILFs, and the list could go on and on. As a member of the UnlimitedAccessPass sites, you can browse through 33 different portals, which is a lot on its own. You won’t gain access to additional content, but as a bonus, you can access a live cam show site.

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Tech & Specs

There is a large slideshow on the top of the page, that’s the first thing you see when you open the MagicLegs. Under that, you will see the actual tour-content: a compiled list of the videos and photo sets of this site. The videos don’t offer any preview, however the photo galleries let you preview some hot shots from their collection. After this short tour, it’s time to enter the members’ area, which offers several neat features. Navigating through the content is not an issue: the videos and the photo sets are tagged, and the search engine recognizes names and these tags. You can also select from the tags on the videos’ list.

The models’ list is a sorting method too, and there are also a few ways to sort the list of results. The main menu is the one that is placed on the top. From that menu, you can reach out for the network’s content, and you can also get to the bonuses (live cams) from there. Apart from that, it also offers the tags-list and a link to the sites’ listing. Most of these options are available on the mobile interface of the site too. When you access the site from smart phone or from your tablet You can view the scenes in the browser. Due to their length, it’s a quite good way to enjoy them, because most of them are under 15 minutes. Usually the modeling videos are the shortest, while the masturbation and lesbian flicks last longer. Also, their resolution is quite something: lots of HD and Full-HD videos are available, so it’s a fine collection when it comes to quality.

Their length and their quality makes the files a bit bigger than expected, but these MP4 files won’t take away too much storage space, so if you like your porn in an offline form, you can save these DRM-free videos. The large photo gallery of the MagicLegs is also something we advise you to explore. You can find in there are fine selection of delicate pictures, shot during the video capturing, but offering different angles. The photos are shot in high resolution, so they are quite large, and that’s why we recommend you to download them, instead of viewing them on the site. For downloading, the site offers zip-files.

Content Quality

The models of the site are all promising cuties, mostly coming from a semi-professional era. They are all really hot, and when they get on with their sexy stuff, they seem to enjoy every moment of it. There are mostly European girls in the videos of the MagicLegs, and they usually originate from Poland. After the world-fame of the Czech girls, it looks like that the Polish cuties will be the next big things in the online porn world. They are naturals, and they range from the fresh, perky ones to 30-something years old women with big boobs.

It’s really a mixed collection of hotties, and it’s recommended that you explore it well. If you find someone you like, you should also check her other site in the network: for example, Kasia Kelly has her own solo site. There isn’t too much to say about the videos, because they are simple scenes. Probably the hottest ones are the neat lesbian scenes, where to hotties are making out, while they also worship the other’s legs.

Long Story Short

When there are hot girls on the screen, we usually feel our arousal level rising. When these girls are touching each other, we are getting closer to going mad. But when the hot girls are touching each other and kissing each other’s feet, we are turning into full-blown mad people, especially those who have fixation on feet. So, as you can see the MagicLegs is a satisfying site, with fine, fresh content, and though it may not convince you at first, we still recommend that you should take a look on the inside.

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