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Friday, 17 June 2016 / Published in Gay
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Parolehim Overview

Gay fucking is spectacular – especially when the storyline behind the scenes are on point too. This is exactly what ParoleHim is offering to its teeming fans out there, as well as so many more looking for great cock sucking, anal banging, and hot solo male masturbation. This site is definitely off the chart when it comes to giving the public only the very best, most erotic, and most thrilling sex shows ever. Another site may show you sex scenes featuring models just fucking aimlessly – that’s boring and cliché; no spice, no glamor. But here on ParoleHim, every single video is weaved around a wonderful story of crime, prison, parole officer, and sheer male powerful fucking like never seen before.

The bonking scenes, the hot jizz splashed on the face and swallowed, the mesmerizing cock sucking and blowjob sessions, the locations, the super cocks on display, and awesome technology used to deliver these breathtaking videos are some of the stuff that makes this site tick. It is the most popular crime/sex porn website in the world. Never have we seen so much speed chase scenes, arrests, and compulsory blowjob and handjob on the knees.

With cuffs behind their backs, these paroled felons are compelled to suck the dicks of their parole officers, open their assholes for some massive anal drilling, or go back to prison. Indeed, either way, they are fucked already. So, it’s either limited freedom outside the walls and everyday banging with the parole officer, or complete isolation in prison and nonstop anal banging with fellow convicts. The choices are clear, and these guys sure choose to stay outside and be of service to the officers. It’s a site filled with extraordinary large and long cocks of immense proportions; cocks as big and almost as long as the officers’ batons; cocks so sturdy, hard, and erect, any man would be shocked at the sight.

The assholes on display are also splendid and really inviting. ParoleHim showcases different kinds of guys with different types of assholes – from the very tight first timers to the regular ass fucker with incredible gaping holes. Whatever the case, though, you would find tremendous fun viewing the videos on this site. They are splendidly spectacular, to say the least. Paraded on ParoleHim are many different guys from different countries and regions who have offended the law, served time, and now hoping to regain complete freedom by being good guys even while on parole. But since the parole officer remains the ultimate god that would determine if they go back inside or stay out as free men, the relationship between both go from dreadful to friendly, and then to erotic.

It’s amazing how these all work out. In the end, though, we viewers are thrilled with the most awesome hardcore fucking sessions ever witnessed. The sex is raw; the blowjob is real; and the anal pounding is spontaneous – no rehearsals, no training, no scripting; everything is just original and splendid. This makes the site a unique place to go for enjoying the very best of gay fucking from amateurs like never seen before. ParoleHim is a site built by people who are also tired of the cliché and boring scenes we keep being fed with all along. They have taken the bull by the horn to produce spectacular sex scenes with breathtaking stories around them all for our delight.

Therefore, we all are, once and for all, free from the loads of poorly shot videos we have been inundated with for years. Indeed, the hairy bears, the super studs, the fine hunks, the innocent looking emos, and the handsome twinks all featured on this magnificent website makes it truly stand out from the crowd. The videos show extraordinary fucking in the car, at the police station, at the prison, and so many other places where parole officers find convenient enough to get their parolees to suck their cocks and fuck them hard. Unfair, one may say; but it makes for great fuck videos that would leave everyone speechless and at the edge of the seats the whole time.

This is not Hollywood stunts, this is not professional porn acting; these are real and authentic videos that are 100% exclusive to ParoleHim. With a single subscription to ParoleHim, you get full access to all the videos from start to finish – either to stream and watch online or to download and keep in your memory bank. That’s the magic of the internet giving users the best flexibility possible. ParoleHim is entertaining, thrilling, and breathtaking. Never have we seen such combinations on a porn website before now. It’s just awesome!

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Tech & Specs

The ParoleHim site presents users the opportunity to stream and download all the videos with speed; it’s a technology that is beyond its time indeed. Also, users can view all these wonderful videos right on their mobile devices like tablets and smart phones; and as well download all the spectacular videos into them for keeps. Subscription is easy and simple; all that’s required is a username, password, and email address; and then a quick checkout to exchange card details. That’s it! Once subscribed, users would be given access to all the breathtaking gay fucking on the site without restriction and as well be offered round the clock customer support too.

Content Quality

The studs and hunks shown on this site are the baddest in every sense of the word. They are tattooed, huge, pierced, and hard looking. But inside them, they are romantic, soft, and love erotic sex. This is the only way they can cope with the parole officer and stay out of jail. ParoleHim is such a wonderful site filled with awesome hunks all through.

Long Story Short

ParoleHim is the great opportunity you have been waiting for to enjoy another type of sex niche yet get to see the very best of hardcore and nonstop banging. This is where great storylines meet fantastic gay cock and asshole fucking all for your delight.

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