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Thursday, 30 June 2016 / Published in Gay
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Williamhiggins Overview

The WilliamHiggins sets the standards quite high: it features the videos of hot gay porn stars who are performing to the limit. These well-hung models are giving in all, and while they are here, they do their hardcore stuff so excitingly that you are going to blow your mind.

This high-quality hardcore porn portal launched in 2009. It’s a strange year to be honest, but it looks like the economic troubles of 2008 haven’t shook the porn industry too much. So, it is seven years old now, and there seems to be a daily update schedule being followed. It seems the site is still quite busy, and it’s a big plus since many sites get to a still after a few years of operation. Well, you can’t go wrong if you follow high standards.

There are nearly 2,000 hardcore scenes on the site, and it seems the video collection grows every day. So, you can browse through a large collection, and the movies are all coming from different series, which means that several fantasies and men-types are featured. Twinks, mature man, US and European based stars are all appearing in the videos of the WilliamHiggins.

Since the site has a great collection for the members to browse, it doesn’t offer any kind of bonuses. Some may frown about this, but who needs extra porn, when a daily updated collection is at your disposal? However some bits of extras are also offered: you can browse the oldest content too, which dates back to 2000, and there are also backstage videos, live castings, so you still get something extra for your membership.

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Tech & Specs

The home page of the WilliamHiggins looks great, and it has every feature a porn fan needs to have a satisfying and thorough tour. Next to the logo of the studio, they placed a menu, which has few options to help you gather some insight. Under that, you can see a slideshow that shows the features of the site. It’s followed by the list of the latest videos. When you enter the site, you will come to the conclusion that there are several changes: the most important is that the menu gets expanded and it offers much more options than before.

You can browse the site’s collection, the models’ list and the live cams too, and there are some other options, leading to different parts of the WilliamHiggins. In case you like to watch hardcore sex in the browser, you will certainly appreciate the Flash-player, which has a nice setup and offers smooth playback. The in-browser access is the best for those who don’t mind if their porn is a bit lower in quality.

Those who like HQ video should go for the download options: there are MP4 files, and the latest ones offer 4K resolution, which is a big improvement in the gay-porn arena. All scenes are uploaded with a large set of pictures. Each set is available for download.

Content Quality

The movies of the WilliamHiggins are clearly professional scenes, and the lads featured in them are all those kind of gay pornstars that you expect to find here. As far as we could tell by their names, there are some hot European lads too, but it doesn’t really matter which part of the world they are coming from they are all gorgeous. It looks like the site’s model-database is one big muscle, because all porn stars here have worked-out bodies with definite muscles, nice biceps and triceps. When you open the site, you will be welcomed by hot Caucasian lads, who are not just big in muscle, but down there where it really matters they have something to show too.

Apart from the muscle-men, there are a few twink-looking lads who have a cute, not-so-muscular body. They are usually the guys who get fucked hard in the ass, and they are ruled, dominated by the bigger lads. Since the site has mostly European pornography, the ethnic variety is strangely lacking, but there is a really nice variety of nationality: there are guys from the Russian Federation to Hungary, and as you will see, they are all quite different.

The WilliamHiggins is a hot site, and it’s also a hub to a large network. When you join here, you gain access to all sites in the network, and thus you will find a neat, varied collection bestowed upon you for browsing. There are videos which feature solo action. These scenes are quite sexy, and you are going to get horny if you enjoy watching cute lads playing with themselves, and in the end cover themselves with warm man-milk.

Naturally, you can find here lots of erotic, yet quite hardcore one on one sessions, where two lads are getting hard on each other. These videos offer the greatest variety in the collection, since they cover much more niches. You can enjoy a good number of fantasy-related porn with plain hardcore action. However you don’t have to go far for some kinky stuff either.

You will find a series (or site) in the network which offers the visitors heavy hardcore porn: fetishes including leather, latex, different worshipping, and there are videos with hot BDSM porn where the subs get what they deserve. Every videos is professionally made, and we’re certain that you will enjoy them if you like to watch porn that covers hardcore niches, while it remains erotic, and has both raw and mainstream porn too.

Long Story Short

The scenes of the WilliamHiggins are really satisfying, and the site offers the members a huge collection to enjoy. When you get the chance to browse this site, it will surely become your favorite, due to the simple fact that it’s really juicy porn with hardcore sex in it. Though its own collection is great, the bonus content makes the site amazing, and warmly recommended for all who like porn.

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