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Friday, 22 September 2017 / Published in Gay
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Ambushmassage Overview

One of the sizzling hot gay porn websites that is relatively new in the gay niche, Ambush Massage porn site is backed by William Higgins. Most of the quality videos and photos that you can find here in the Ambush Massage porn site are shot in Prague, Czech Republic. Expect that the site will feature mostly European models then. These models are mostly amateurs too. The quality of the porn content is quite great. With that, you will feel that signing up to this porn website is worth the money.

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Tech & Specs

Before you fully commit yourself to signing up for the Ambush Massage porn website, you should first research what the site has to offer. In making your final decision, one of the factors that you should consider is whether or not the site has the appropriate design and features that can promote a smooth browsing experience for you. It is a good thing that Ambush Massage already stands out in this area. The said site has been designed so that it offers smooth navigation for users, with the links placed at where they would be easily seen.

The members are treated to an archive full of HD videos but non-members will only be greeted with preview teasers of what is played out in these scenes. The said preview teasers, on average, don’t go beyond the one minute mark upon playback but they should be good enough to tempt you to get a full membership. Once you have the full membership to the Ambush Massage porn website, then you should be able to get your hands on the exclusive porn contents that are housed here. To start off, there’s the video archive that already contains about 150 videos all in all. The videos are good for both streaming and download.

If you are streaming a video, then the site’s video player should offer you a smoother playback experience. In case you opt for downloading the video, the fast download will surely make you happy. Once you download, the video will be available in its MP4 format. Of course, the Ambush Massage site doesn’t only offer videos for your enjoyment. Every video is accompanied by a corresponding photo set. A single photo set can have around 100-300 photos in them. These photos are simply screen captures of the video.

Although that may be the case, the quality of the screen captures is still great. If you want to view the content of these photo sets later, just download the entire photo set into your phone in a single zip file. The entire photo set shouldn’t take up too much of your phone’s or laptop’s storage. In case you only want to download one or two photos, downloading individually is possible too.

Content Quality

The available videos here in the Ambush Massage porn website are definitely some that you’d want to replay over and over. They contain the kind of gay sex that gay porn lovers want to watch, after all. Since this fetish website deals with the gay porn niche, no women can be found but all males instead. For these male models, they are ones who were recruited by William Higgins in the beautiful city of Prague.

Thus, they mostly have European features. That can be seen by the models white skin, athletic build, well-toned body, and even their blonde or dark hair. Checking out the complete package is a must, so look a bit lower – some of the men have bushy pubes while some are well-shaved. Some are uncut while some are uncircumcised. These men seem like the ones in your wet dreams.

For the videos, they follow the one common theme of a happy massage. To start off the scene, the male models will come into the room either naked or skimpily clothed. They are expecting to receive a good massage. Their masseur is either the old man with the beard or another male porn star. If it is the old man with the beard, the scene will most commonly show the masseur showing the male porn stars a good time through a very stimulating prostate massage.

The masseur can use his fingers but he is mostly seen using various massage tools. If it is another male model, it will mostly showcase lots of kissing, rimming, and eventually penetration. Look forward into the performances of numerous big name porn stars such as Viktor Hugo, Ales Husar, Milan Manek, Leo Roun, Jura Marecek, Vilda Molek, Anton Sanek, Kail Kopek, Ondrej Novak, Charli Lomoz, Mirek Belan, Erik Drda, and Alan Gerard. You’d definitely want to watch them do their thing over and over.

Long Story Short

With the kind of website Ambush Massage is, you should already have an idea on what other sites can be compared to it. However, there are things about the Ambush Massage porn website that stand out compared to others. For example, the site deals with one kind of theme – sex on the massage table. To top it all off, the site focuses on showcasing gay porn. If you find such a theme to be unique and interesting, then subscribing to the Ambush Massage porn site is a good idea.

You won’t regret it especially since the site only offers high-quality videos and crystal clear photos. Ambush Massage porn site also boasts of frequent updates so expect that the site’s collection is still growing. Aside from that, there are additional features such as bonus content that can be enjoyed with your membership. There’s definitely value in signing up to this site.

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