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Monday, 21 November 2016 / Published in Pornstar
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BeaCummins Overview

On the website we are going to review now, you will find the exclusive hardcore and softcore porn scenes of a gorgeous and classy MILF, Bea Cummins. This lady is a US citizen and she is really keen on sharing her sexual encounters and fun masturbation scenarios with you. Miss Cummins is a nice lady, and though she passed the age of being a MILF, as a mature performer she is even more attractive. If you like mature, intelligent and classy women, who also have a fine-looking or even amazingly good body, then this site should be on the top of your list of sites to visit for mature content.

When you open the BeaCummins, you are going to see that it still has a classic look, and to be honest, it just adds to the feeling of the portal. It makes you feel like you have been digging up a hidden treasure, and it makes us happy to provide you with the map to it. The XXX marks the spot, and since we are talking of pirate stuff here: Bea has a video and a photo set which feature her as a pirate!

The BeaCummins is a standalone site, there are no network sites, nor third party videos here. What you see is actually what you get. You can browse through nearly a decade’s worth of hardcore action. All videos are exclusive, and they were made to be shared on this site. We are overly happy to announce: the site keeps on updating, and it seems to thrive to keep a weekly schedule. As some extras, you are offered some photo galleries of Bea’s friends, and there is a VoD provider, where you can purchase her videos – for downloading, not just streaming.

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Tech & Specs

So, the website is pretty old-looking. That’s not an issue, though, because, in difference with many non-upgraded sites, this one keeps updating, so it’s not a closed portal with no real content for you. Naturally, all of us wish for a somehow better looking porn site, and actually, it wouldn’t hurt, especially because this one still updates. Nevertheless, if you like MILFs and matures, just head for the members’ area. You will love it. The navigation is fine at least, if not good, and you have all the basic options to find your way around.

Some people always whine when a site doesn’t offer downloads, and other get mad when a site doesn’t have streaming. Well, you shouldn’t be in the latter party, because the BeaCummins offers only downloads. At the time of our review at least, that was the case. If you want to watch her videos, you have to download them. You will be able to download most SD files in WMV format, which is a big punch in the face of those who prefer mobile devices. We would like to see more file formats, and of course, HD would be nice.

Content Quality

The star of this portal is naturally a woman called Bea Cummins. Well, that’s certainly an alias, but that’s not a problem, we are used to aliases. On the Bea Cummins, you are going to see this hot MILF (we would call her a mature nowadays) performing sexually explicit actions, and granting you access to sexy naked pictures of herself. Fortunately, Bea is still active, which means that you will be able to watch her as she is nowadays, and also you can find her older videos (site launched in 2009, remember?) so her fresher self is all yours to explore.

If you have a crush for gorgeous matures and MILFs, then Bea Cummins is one of the hottest stereotypic MILFs you can find. She looks classy, still, she is homely and sexy. With more than seven years of experience behind her back, we would say, she is a professional, and the show she puts on is pretty interesting. Miss Bea seems to have her tits upgraded at one point because they are too round and firm to be real mature breasts. However, those tits look amazing, so don’t expect the monstrous big tits like the big US MILF pornstars have.

The videos of the BeaCummins are all solo scenes. These are shot at different locations, mostly feature solo sex. As you will see, the videos are mostly created to look like they were live cam shows, and actually, there is only one camera guy who takes all the action while Bea does her things. We were pretty surprised when we saw how many outdoor scenes there are. This lady isn’t afraid of showing her beauty in public: she did in parks, beaches, and a lot more places. The in-door videos look better, however because there are normal lights there – the outdoor scenes rely on natural sources, so they are a bit inconsistent.

One would think that a solo lady’s website is all about solo sex, but as you will see, there are some hardcore sex videos too: Bea takes on some hard cocks every now and then, and this classy missy even let them give her the creampie finish! Since the BeaCummins is a still operating site, she gives us a new video on a regular basis. Also, Bea is a featured star at Streamate, so if you would like to see her for real, you can book a live show for yourself!

Long Story Short

The BeaCummins is the home of fun. This lady is classy and sexy, and she is a full professional of this industry. You are going to find here several hardcore scenes, but the mostly solo action is featured. We recommend this portal only for those who enjoy watching matures, and who prefer masturbation, not just hardcore drills. The BeaCummins, despite the flaws in design and the lack of streaming, is a nice website, and this lady deserves to be watched and loved! Bea Cummings retired, if you like mature porn take a look at!

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