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Sunday, 13 March 2016 / Published in Adorable
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Pinkaffairs Overview

Pinkaffairs is the new hot resource for all the kinky videos you might be in the mood for. The famous ladies have a portfolio of videos and a taste for diversity that helps them pleasure you by touching every area of sexuality that might arouse you. They know their fans and know what they want so they’re ready to showcase their talents just every fan can achieve the apotheosis of sexual satisfaction: the long sought-after orgasm. A selection of premium tattas and bottoms will show you why the greatest pleasure on this planet is the liberation that comes with the explosive moment at the end of every sexual encounter. The ladies are delicate actors, bringing to life every twisted kinky fetish your mind can imagine and the greatest thing about them is that they love their work. They thrive on feeling a hard erection fucking them in the ass and pulling their hair as they lick it clean and then they’ll even make you excited about their pleasure as they indulge in playing with themselves. They bring forth all their arsenal of sex toys and handy tricks that help them pull and tug at a man’s pleasure spots until the feel him trembling with uncontrollable pleasure. Only then they’ll climb his face so he can lick their cunt and open it up for the best part, the final fuck. Because they know what men want and they love experimenting until they reach that ultimate point of pleasure.

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Tech & Specs

The website has soft colors, so you can focus on the main attraction, the naked bods of the models. The videos feature each time the name of the main star because all the members created a fan community for each of the beauties and they just love looking their name up daily to see if there are any new videos they can watch with their beloved beauty. The familiar sight of the erect nipples and round cheeks gets them hard and they’ll be sure to cum in a matter of moments upon seeing her in action. You can search for similar videos or for a key-word involving your favorite kink and girls with the incredibly different background will come together just to make sure you can cum at the same time with them. They simply love feeling hard-ons shoot spunk in them until it drips out of their wet vags and over their anus. The next thing, they’ll welcome a new cock into the ass while rubbing one out on their clits because you know they just can’t get enough when it comes to orgasming. Having such a large variety of ladies allows the website to cover a bunch of themes from roleplay to self-satisfaction and you can see the same girl in various positions – from a hot session with herself in the shower to being pillaged by a number of lads at the same time and sucking them out.

Content Quality

The girls are the best at their job and they’re more than willing to satisfy a bunch of boys if it means that in the end they’ll be able to climax as well. They have no qualms with cumming on a guy’s face, and they love it when you watch as he licks them clean of the fresh juices. Afterwards they’ll make sure to return the favor and suck on his balls and lick his circumcised penis until they see the red tip glowing with expectation. That’s the moment when they know they have to either deep throat it so it’ll shoot his stuff in their willing mouth or climb it and ride it out until they feel it pushing its juices inside them. They’ll play with everyone as they don’t discriminate therefore you can see a lady that today was playing with herself, kissing a lady friend tomorrow or fingering her hard as the arouse male in the room is taking care of both of them, sticking his cock in one and slapping the other for being naughty. The best part of such a video is the pleasure that comes from seeing everyone enjoying themselves and rubbing hard one against the other until they can feel all the heat in the room collected in their genitals, making way for a new wave of pleasure as they cum at the same time all over each other. They’ve got no shame and they’re proudly watching as the result of their hard work is dripping on their luscious, shiny bodies.

Long Story Short

They love getting down and dirty with it and will make sure to rub every dick and suck every cock just so they can satisfy as many males as possible. They will, however, suck their girlfriends and push them to the limit because they love putting on a show of their talents and they know you simply love to watch them go for it. They are patient, determined and horny so these three qualities make them the best in the business for endless scenes of sexual heat and fantastic fucks that arouse every participant and make them overflow with pleasure by the end. There are many detailed videos where nothing is overlooked and you can see every inch of their hungry bodies feed each other in an orgy of the flesh. A mass of sex and sweat is pulsing in a synced race to absolute satisfaction and these ladies are the best leaders you could ask for: their talents are diverse, complex and amazing, making your journey into the land of desire a dream came true. You can pick a lady and follow her road through sexual exploration, as she follows the darkest kinks and the craziest fetishes or you can shuffle them according to whim because the website allows you to choose whomever you want in order to be satisfied and have a happy end after watching one of their videos.

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