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Monday, 22 November 2021 / Published in POV
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Cruelbrats Overview

On this site, you will feel bad… and since you are looking for a review for the CruelBrats, you probably need that. This portal is cute and sexy, and though the girls look like real fuck-dolls, they won’t show you anything. Please pay attention: this site isn’t a regular porn site, and visiting it is strongly advised to those who would like to be demeaned, destroyed and belittled by hot chicks. In case you are looking for hard sex and cute girls, then you shouldn’t read this CruelBrats reviews, we have plenty of other, regular porn sites reviewed for you.

Now, for those who stayed. You should read on in order to find out what the CruelBrats has for you. So, let this review commence! The CruelBrats seems to be quite a new site. It has a fresh look, and it also seems to have fresh content. The site hasn’t been online for too long, but it has a fine selection of videos for you. Every video you can see here is exclusive, and there is quite enough to keep you interested for a longer period of time.

Also, there are new videos coming in, so you can always get fresh stuff, you don’t have to stick with only the existing collection. The CruelBrats is a standalone site, but the company that runs this, has another site with a similar theme, called CruelGirlfriend. Nonetheless, this portal has enough videos and photos, so you will certainly never feel bored here!

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Tech & Specs

The CruelBrats has a fine website. You can view the content of the site really easily, though you might need to change the size of the page as the base resolution of it is quite strange, and it’s not adjusting to the browser window. There is a compilation trailer to preview the videos, and while you watch that, you might get the basic idea about these videos. When you are looking for hard sex, you may feel a bit disappointed, because as you can depict from the preview, there is barely any nudity here. The overall layout is quite nice, and we are positive that you will like to browse the content. Once you are in, you can start exploring.

Actually, the most useful tool that could help you is the models’ list: each girl has an introduction text that tells you about her kinks and fetishes. From this page, you can reach the selected girl’s videos. The CruelBrats offers you a selection of hardcore porn in streamed and in downloadable formats. You will be able to save all videos, and the stream is also quite good. There are M4V, WMV files with SD and HD options for the latter. The M4V is a mobile ready format.

Content Quality

On the CruelBrats some girls await, who are pretty mean and nasty when it comes to males. They like a cock, that’s sure, but they don’t like the guy attached to it, and if you are soft hearted man, you shouldn’t try to view these scenes. These CruelBrats are nasty, yet very sexy girls, who perform a lot of kinky hardcore shows for your entertainment, and who seem to enjoy when they can destroy foolish males’ confidence. They are pretty hot, and though you won’t really see them naked, you are going to get the idea about their nice body.

As far as we could tell, the girls here are regular porn starlets, and they are playing a role. Though it seems they are satisfied with not having to play the dumb cunt getting fucked, instead they are the ones who rule for once. There is one person in these videos we felt sorry for, the guy behind the camera. These girls are pretty hot, and they are just flashing and teasing him, and actually, all those mean things they say and do are pointed at him. Well, we are sure he is well paid, and he also had the chance to have fun with some of the girls… or he enjoys being chastened.

The videos here are mostly solo scenarios. It’s all about teasing and talking dirty. You are going to feel really bad as you watch them, and that’s probably the whole idea… and that’s why you are actually here. These ladies are not classy, and they are quite mean to you. Some of them use varied dirty words, while other are capable of putting five “fuck” into one sentence. Every video is about destroying the manhood of the guy (who is you, thanks to PoV style), and the girls do everything to do it. For example, in one video, you are made to drink the girls spit after she brushed her teeth. In another one, the mean cunt wants you to lick the toilet brush.

In these scenes, there is barely any sex taking place, and it’s quite rare when you get to see the girls naked… or if you happen to do so, you are going to be destroyed. We are not exactly the kind of guys who are into this stuff, but we watches many videos so we could get the idea, and we must say, they are quite fun, even though they are not that erotic. The girls are bad, though, and if you want to be controlled, demeaned, then you should try this site: you are going to love it.

Long Story Short

The CruelBrats is an exciting porn site, and we are quite sure that you are going to like it. When it comes to hardcore porn, you might like to check another portal. However, if you are looking for a site with nasty, demeaning content, then this is a prime choice. We are quite certain that you will like to feel bad here, and while you are engaged in these destructive and sexy videos, you will forget about real life for a while!

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