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Monday, 14 March 2016 / Published in Massage
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Happyendingspycam Overview

Have you ever felt the weight of the modern world weighing down on you? Traffic, stressful work environment, pollution – these are the things that can burden us every single day. And what can we do about it? These are facts of life that we must deal with. However, for those who want to relax for a bit, one thing that you can do is to get a massage, a hard one that would allow your muscles to release all the tension. Or, if you are not capable of getting a massage right now, then why don’t you jerk off instead? No, we are serious. It is a total stress reliever, right? But other than that, we have a porn site here that needs some reviewing right now and we think that you are going to like it. Not to mention that it is also massage-related.

Enjoy! The porn site that we are going to feature today is called Happy Ending Spycam. You have probably already guessed the niche that the videos on this porn site are going to show, but for the sake of those who didn’t let us tell you what this porn site is all about. It is a porn site that features videos of “hot massage girls caught on hidden camera” – and this is straight from the tagline of the site itself.

Happy Ending Spycam is actually part of the Reality Sex porn network. The porn network is made up of more than fifteen sites like Anal Holics (for those who enjoy anal action), Boobilicious Girls (for the big boobs lovers out there), and finally, Sucking Frenzy (perfect for those who love watching blowjob videos), just to name a few. If you are interested in joining the network, though, more importantly, Happy Ending Spycam, then you must hurry.

We are excited to announce that they are actually offering a free month of membership over at Happy Ending Spycams, and not only that, signing up for this free one month plan will also give you a three-day access to the entire Reality Sex porn network absolutely free as well! If you want to become a member for more than a month, though, then all you need to do is to sign-up for a one-month access to the Reality Sex porn network and you’ll already get a year’s worth of full access to the Happy Ending Spycam for free! Yes, that’s right. A one-year access to stream and download videos unlimitedly while paying for nothing at all, not even a single cent.

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Tech & Specs

The website design of the porn site Happy Ending Spycam is very simple and straightforward. You are not going to see a flashy banner or other advertisements that would distract you from the videos itself. Once you land on the page, you will already get to see the previews of their latest videos. Each preview is made up of a trailer, three other thumbnails showing the screenshots of the most action-filled scenes within the video, and, of course, an invitation to download the full video. Aside from that, you will also get to see the picture of the porn star featured in the video on the right part of the preview along with her name. And that’s it; those are the only things that you are going to see on their homepage. If you want to see more of their videos, then we absolutely suggest that you sign up for membership in order to explore the site further.

Content Quality

We have noticed that the porn site did not really feature a particular type of chick or nationality; hence, you can expect that there will be a varied selection of girls that would suit anyone’s taste. From blondes with long legs, to brunettes with big boobs – you can find them all here. Plus, they all go beyond the beauty of your average massage girl, all of them are so freaking hot. No wonder that the dudes in the video get turned on and fuck the chicks. As for the videos, all we can say is we sure hope that one day, we will have the chance to get a massage from the ladies of their spa or porn site. We liked the fact that the ladies here obviously knew what they were doing.

They were giving real massages to the men in their video. This is one of the most annoying parts of other porn sites that offer videos on the same niche. It is more than obvious that the ladies in the videos are not really massage therapists, which of course, defeats the whole purpose of watching this kind of porn in the first place. The ladies on this porn site though look more realistic, as if they really know how to give an actual relaxing massage. Then, through their massage, they seduce the guys little by little to loosen up and get a hard on. Once the guy is already turned on, they would then perform their moves to get fucked.

Long Story Short

In the end, all we can say is that we are really impressed by the free membership that this porn site is offering. Sure, there are a lot of other free porn sites out there, but not like this. Other free porn sites offer a collection of different trailers and “stolen videos” from paid websites. Happy Ending Spycams, however, have their own library of high-quality and exclusive videos, just like a regular premium (and paid) porn site. Also, for a porn site which allows people to access their videos for free, we are also impressed by the effort that they have put into the making of their videos. It’s clear that they shot the scenes using professional equipment and lighting.

Finally, we love how the Reality Sex porn network had also added a few days of free unlimited access to their entire porn network as well. It only goes to show that in this world of paid porn, there are still some sites that offer premium-quality videos at no cost, just to share their craft and talent with the world.

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