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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 / Published in Euro
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Danskelucy Overview

If I were given the chance to have double citizenship, I would certainly want to live in Denmark and become a citizen of this country. Why? Just checked out Danske Lucy and I just know that Denmark is certainly the best place to live. Well, if that could pass my interrogation in the embassy, I would also have them see this website. This website is filled with hot and sexy Dansk women doing hardcore and explicit sex in public. However, the site is dedicated to Lucy, the Danish hot porn star you would want to become neighbors if you actually decided to settle in Denmark. She has the smoothest skin and her pussy is incredibly wet all the time, like there’s no satiating to this woman’s sexual pleasure. She is every traditional Danish woman you can imagine just added the hot and steaming sex goddess in her veins. So if you want to know how Danish woman fucks and sucks grind and moan into pleasure, you better check out this website.

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Tech & Specs

This girl is just too hot, too confident, and just very proud and loud of her sexuality. Well, playing with a plastic latex dildo in the streets while cars are passing by would be such a site for the bored drivers and commuters. The broad daylight just perfectly accentuates her lovely curves and her rosy pink pussy. The first time I checked this website, what caught my attention so much is her tight, pinkish, wet, and lovely pussy. I mean, let’s be honest, some porn stars don’t have a perfect pussy. But Lucy, oh my goodness, I just want to touch and lick her pussy and check if it drips with hot juice and quivers every time. Okay, now I’m so going to masturbate after this and just drool over her videos and pictures. If I can just experience the real thing, but thanks to this website I have an unlimited access to her explicit videos and pictures. The website seemed to have few reviews as I noticed, but it possesses so much promise as the lead porn star can do both hardcore and softcore porn videos. The website default page is filled with Lucy’s nude pictures and videos self-masturbating or fucking with equally hot girls and guys. There are 19 plus videos in the website and all of it are in high quality definition and they can be streamed smoothly. Being a member of the website will give you unlimited access to all her videos which you can either stream or download. It comes in two formats such as windows media player and embedded flash player for streaming. You can download the videos in using your laptop, personal computers or tablets. Just imagine having a video of her in your collection. Every time you want to have a quick masturbation in the middle of your work, you can always snatch out your tablet and watch her wild and explicit videos. As a porn avid myself, I would highly recommend this porn site, and Lucy herself, as this website possess the total equation of what a great porn star should be.

Content Quality

I am quite picky when it comes to girls, and I mean it. Sometimes I would watch a porn star do raunchy sex but I get tired easily. So when I said, “The first time I checked this website, what caught my attention so much is her tight, pinkish, wet, and lovely pussy”. I really do mean what I say, and Lucy just caught my heart in between her lovely breasts. It is true that every porn website has its own asset or the “lead star”, and if I am going to ask these girls to line up in front of me, Lucy, with all her grace and provocative body, will surely stand out. This stunning Danish girl not only possesses erotic beauty but the talent in hardcore fuck and utter confidence to flaunt her body in the public. No other girl I know possessed such natural synchronicity with nature, like she had always been an Eve all her life, and the streets, the beach, the car park, and the backyard is the Garden of Eden. Her nude body just blends perfectly outdoors, like she is not meant to be captured and clothed. Lucy is meant to fuck wild, to be naked all the time, and to be penetrated slowly then gracefully, then roughly until she moans and cries her heart out in pleasure. She likes playing with toys and doing solo performances using a plastic latex toy. There is one outdoor video of her drilling her wet and pink pussy with a hard dildo. It was taken on the street side so just imagine how hard it is to focus driving. If I were the driver, I would certainly pull over and just watch her drilling her tight hole. The best thing about the videos is that it has a video cap wherein you could check some scenes in the performance. And just let me say that it has a spectacular angle, really focusing Lucy’s pink and dripping pussy while being penetrated deep in her uterus.

Long Story Short

So, if you want a Danish woman to join you in your solitary night, well, you don’t really have to acquire dual citizenship and live in Denmark. All you have to do is type in Danskelucy and then it will automatically lead you to a piece of Denmark’s natural and erotic site: Lucy! Her sex drive is just too high and she needs you to watch her do her sexual performances. If that’s a favor then you sure will have the best hardcore experience of your life.

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