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Thursday, 22 September 2016 / Published in Adorable
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Dreams-hd Overview

Dreams HD is a website that features white males and females getting it on in white linen bed sheets with flowy curtains flailing in the background, sort of like what sex would be if it were in heaven. It makes sex look like an art, makes you want to freeze the frames and admire their composition because they have been so wonderfully shot!

A lot of the scenes will make you want to bang one out as soon as it starts, the scenes are so sensuous that you won’t be able to resist yourself from starting right away and before you know it, your work will be done in the 4th-minute mark in a 30-minute video!

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Tech & Specs

The design of the website is made keeping in mind the theme of the website, calm, serene, heavenly and definitely white. The women in there give away their virginity to men with hard dicks and all of that is enhanced by the look of the website. The dark grey background gives a great contrast to the videos on display with the white theme.

Although it will be difficult for you to navigate the website in the dark due to the dark background colour you will be able to see owing to the white all over in the videos. The font is readable and the HD is marked on each video with pink so as to emphasise their resolution quality. What’s more, is that when you join Dreams HD you will gain access to over 12 exclusive network websites that you won’t get on other freebie video porn websites for sure.

Content Quality

There are a tonne of girls on the website. But most of them are white, this may reduce the clientele and demographic interest of the audience but it is all in line with the company theme and I appreciate that, even all the men are white, they are smart enough to understand that quality trumps over quantity and that brand identity is important to retain and capture the target audience.

The girls in the videos are gorgeous, sexy, seductive and hot, and most of them are American girls, and we all know what American girls mostly look like don’t we, we’ve seen them in movies and in real life, they are absolutely banging like a biscuit aren’t they! You can download the videos in good quality all in HD as specified in the website all over in their video screens.

The 91+ scenes and counting with an average runtime of 25 minutes can be downloaded in 8000k in 1920×1080 and in WMV in 8000k in 1920×1080 resolution, it doesn’t get any better quality than this folks! So go grab your chance to view them right away! Besides this, there are also pictures, 89+ galleries with a whopping 135 pictures in each gallery but sadly they can’t be downloaded into zipping folders and kept in your PC.

Long Story Short

The videos have a great feel to them, the content is greatly assimilated into one seamless series, there is enough variety of models, there are great threesome scenes with women being fucked while the other passionately licks the others tits and so there is something for every straight porn lover out there. It is definitely worth a visit.

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