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Saturday, 06 February 2016 / Published in Anal
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Fassinating Overview

As what you may expect from the title alone, and also according to the site’s own tagline, this porn site exhibits “fascinating anal action, and fassinating girls”. So to those dudes out there who just crave for a juicy ass, then this is definitely the site for you. Fassinating is just one site in the big porn series of networks, 21 Sextury, 21Naturals, and 21Sextreme. It is also the home of other popular websites like 21Naturals (dedicated to showing women with big natural titties) and 21Footart (for those who are looking for some awesome foot fetish videos). Those are just two of the websites which are twenty in all. It is just amazing how big this network is, right? They definitely got almost all of the popular niches covered. If you are thinking of signing-up for a membership already, then allow us to share to you some details. There are generally three options, and they all apply to the different networks. There’s the monthly membership, three-month membership, and finally, one that applies for the whole year. Signing-up for either one of them gets you these awesome perks. Of course, first and foremost you will get to have full access over all of the sites, which includes all the videos and photos within the network. All of these media are high quality and full high definition. Everything can be accessed through mobile devices as well.

Tech & Specs

Now let us move on to the more technical side since we are talking about that already. The porn site’s design is simple yet the brown color distinguishes it from the other porn sites clad in black or dark gray. It is also straight to the action, with no banners, no navigations, just straight to the big thumbnails of their available videos. The titles are also simple which is usually made up of a short phrase like “into the nest”, which does not really say anything about the video itself. We think that the logic behind this upfront presentation is the way of the site creators to let the videos speak for themselves, as each thumbnail also provides us of a preview of the most exciting parts of the scene. You can also see in these thumbnails the ultra-crisp and clear quality of the videos. You can expect not to see any grainy or dimly lit videos here. And what can you expect from a porn veteran like 21 Sextury? The network alone has existed for over a decade already. Their archives are massive and all of their sites receive regular updates weekly. Let us now move on to the videos. All of their videos are a hundred percent exclusive to the network, so you can be sure that you are not going to see them elsewhere. Feel free to watch them anytime you want, either by streaming or downloading them. We are talking about really fast servers here so you don’t need to worry about the long loading and buffering sessions.

Content Quality

One of the best advantages in being a member of a big and long existing network is the girls. Being big players in this competitive industry, even the most popular porn stars beg for them to get featured, so there is really no sign in the future that their supply on their female assets are going to decline. If fresh chicks are what you are looking for, then they have those as well. They have newcomers and other chicks on the line just waiting to be discovered, and for their first video to get featured. The girls on Fassinating, in particular, are just out of this world. Their butts are really big, and the best part is that most of the time girls with big butts have big boobs as well. You can take your pick on different types of beauties, yet they just have one thing in common: a fat ass. It is important to note that most of the ladies here on Fassinating, and the 21 Sextury Network, in general, are European, mostly coming from Hungary and Czech Republic. Some of the most popular girls here are Aletta Ocean, Zafira, and Madison Parker just to name a few. But seriously, this list of famous porn stars can go on for hours including those who were featured in their massive archive.

Long Story Short

Overall, joining this network is worth it even for those who are not fond of the big ass niche. You are going to have access to the other sites anyway. The membership perks are also something to look forward to. First, you can get loyalty points from signing-up and of course from renewing your account. Doing so, you can collect these points so you can “purchase” the videos and photos for lifelong access, which means that even if you are not an active member anymore, you can still watch and view them on the site. Another perk worth mentioning is the community that they build where their members can get connected with their favorite stars and gain more insight on how their videos are made. These can be done through their Fan Club section where members can talk to their favorite models, and their Backstage Fun section where members can take a look at what’s going on behind the scenes. Finally, being a member also gives you special privileges. You can watch free LiveCam shows and most of all you can get members-only offers, discounts, and sweet promotional stuff. All of these in addition to those high-quality videos and photos are not bad, right? Considering that you are joining a big porn network with one of the most affordable prices around (of course counting along the perks that you are going to get as well). In the end, the entire package that you are going to get by joining Fassinating is truly, literally, fascinating. Have fun!

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