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Gayfriendfinder Overview

Gay Friend Finder is the perfect gay XXX site to go to if you are looking for an online date. This interactive gay dating site is where you can meet up with the locals, get to know each other and even have sex. It offers a lot of hooking up opportunities compared to other hot online dating sites out there. The video section also contains a couple of gay porn videos as appetizers.

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Tech & Specs

I personally like the subtle colors that you can find in Gay Friend Finder. It has a white background, which leaves a clean canvas to be coated with different types of blue in the body of the page. It sort of reminded me of Facebook back in its early years. Gay Friend Finder looked more like a social media site rather than a dating site nor a porn site. The user interface is very friendly. It is easy to understand and very responsive. The pages also contain details in texts or in pictures that will give you information about the site and its members. The homepage will welcome you with the list of profiles that you can find on the site. You can also see the total number of members in your neighborhood and as well as the picture, name, age, gender and exact location of the user. You can also find a search tool on the homepage where you can specify your searches. You can search for single men, couples or a group of males sharing a single account.

The site has six main sections. First is the homepage, then browse, videos, chat, blogs and finally, magazine. These sections are essential and very interactive. However, not all members can access them. Access depends on the type of membership that you have. You can find links to these sections in the main menu of the site. If you want to search other accounts, the browse section will give you a couple of tools to match the search result according to your preference. You can search according to location, age, etc. The chat section, on the other hand, is where you can find chat rooms where you can join and talk with other members. There are plenty of chat rooms available, which can be sorted according to location or topic.

There is also a default room for the newbies, which is at the top of all the rooms. Moving on, the video feature is where you can watch cool and creative introduction videos from the users. A little disclaimer though, this section does not always include sexual intercourse of some sort. Also one of the features of the site is the Blogs section where users can post and create their own pages.

If the post is engaging, there’s a possibility that they can build interaction with other members and befriend some of them. In this section, the posts are also categorized according to the most active, most recent, and most popular. You can also look for a specific post by using the search bar where you can use keywords or usernames. Lastly, the magazine feature of the site is where you can also read advices and other articles about dating, coming out, family issues and even fashion.

Content Quality

The models on this site are the members themselves and so far, there are over 60000 members that are in the site’s database. However, only 50000 of these are actually using the site actively. The members come from different parts of the globe.

The biggest population comes from the United States of America. Canada goes second place with over 7000 members while Australia lands on the third spot with 5627 members. All of these are just estimates and most probably the numbers have grown by 10% by now. You can guarantee that there are users from around the worldeven in the Middle East.

Because of the diversity of the site members, you will be able to find people of different ethnicity, skin color, and physical features. There are some who have an athletic body type while some are feeling comfortable with their flabs and body fats. If you like someone who has facial hair, you will also be able to find these types of guys here. Some guys have thick mustache while some have beards only. People from different age groups can also be found here.

There’s this guy from my place that I talked with. He was a big guy who was a regular at the gym. He had a buffed chest and I could see his chest hair peeking through his buttoned-up shirt. He was a funny guy but we both decided to keep looking. I was also able to talk to a very hot guy. He was showing off his abs in his profile picture and this sight of him got me interested. He also had a nice introduction video that I really enjoyed. In the video, he was barely naked as he introduced himself briefly in front of the camera.

Long Story Short

Who wouldn’t like to live life outside the four corners of their room and meet up with other people of the same interest? Instead of watching porn all day long, it would be nice to find someone to spend the rest of the day, right? Gay Friend Finder gives you this opportunity once you become a member. I highly recommend this site to my friends and for those who are getting tired of the “forever alone” curse.

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