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Thursday, 21 July 2016 / Published in Pornstar
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Korakryk Overview

On this website, you will see a really hot chick performing for the camera, and showing all of her assets. In case you like to watch European girls masturbating and playing with each other, the KoraKryk will surely become a favored site for you. Kora Kryk is a Polish cutie, who usually performs in solo and lesbian scenes, and she has been working for the DDF network too. Kora Kryk in fact is considered as a busty legend in the boobs-fetishist porn arena, and on this site, you can watch her in exclusive porn videos, and on hot photo sets. This website launched in 2014, but it has older videos.

According to the content dates on the tour page, there are scenes from 2007 too. There is no determined update schedule, but the site does receive updates. The latest scenes come form 2015, but there should be some new flicks added now and then too. The KoraKryk is part of the UnlimitedAccessPass network. This means you can join a full network for one site’s price. In concrete terms: you can view the content of 32 sites, which cover different niches, and offer a whole lot of fun to browse.

The included bonus sites grant you more than 4,400 videos, so it’s a pretty large collection to explore. In case you like Kora Kryk’s videos and photos, you should also check the other hot Polish models of the network, like CyntiaCymes. The collection you can access on the KoraKryk is exclusive, and you won’t be able to find them on any other porn sites – also, the videos are not shared between sites. There are only a few sites which seem to have stopped updating, but the majority of the network-portals are still receiving new videos, even if it’s not too frequent.

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Tech & Specs

Taking the tour on the KoraKryk won’t take too much of your time. There are no trailers featured, but what you can do is quite enough to make a decision. You can view photos and video captions during the tour, and you can browse the collection back to the first ones. After this tour, you should head for the members’ area. You may feel tempted to click on the menu options, but apart from the site’s list, the buttons will bring you to the sign up form. We read reviews about the KoraKryk saying that the inner section isn’t too good. Well, that’s just not true.

There is a clear, easy-to-use template in use for the KoraKryk (and for all other UnlimitedAccessPass sites). There are two distinctive menus, separated by the site’s banner: one for network browsing, and one menu for the actual site’s content. That’s it, it’s plain and simple, just as a porn site should be. The content is tagged, so the search bar on the top will be of great help to find the jerking material covering your favorite niches. From the upper menu you can also access the bonuses: live cams, third party feeds, bonus videos. The content-related menu is quite ordinary: you can view the photo sets and the scenes. Also, a menu with the tags are featured. The UnlimitedAccessPass indeed grants you unlimited and unrestricted access to the content.

You can view the videos of Kora in your browser. For this, the site provides a Flash-player, which uses an FLV video format, in an SD resolution. There aren’t too long videos here so the player loads them up quickly, and the playback quality is also really smooth. In order to watch these videos without any problems, you should close other Flash-using tabs. There are downloadable formats for these hot scenes: the site has MP4 format videos at 480p, which play really nicely on phones too, and there are the WMV files with a slightly better bitrate for viewing on PCs.

On the other hand, you can find here really good photos too. These sets are available as zip archives, so you can set up a comfortable and sexy slideshow. Every gallery features actual photos, no video captions are included – this also means that their resolution and overall quality is better than the videos’. You can browse the KoraKryk from smart phones and tablets too. The mobile interface looks good, and works as you expect from it to work.

Content Quality

The KoraKryk may be focusing on one model, but in difference with some of the other network sites, this one features some of Kora’s friends in some hot lesbian action. Kora herself is a Caucasian model from Poland. She has two huge natural breasts, and a juicy ass too. These, and her lust is her main assets, and as you will see, Kora really knows her job. She is a fully natural model, so no fake butts and lips here, only the beauty as Mother Nature delivered. The partners Kora is doing her shows with are also cute, busty chicks, and they are not afraid of showing those fine bodies for the camera.

It’s true that the videos here cover some lesbian sex too, but the major content is still solo action – after all, that’s the main niche of this site. Both kind of act are great, and if you are here for boobs, you will love Kora’s boobs, and you won’t mind if there are two or four more – they just make it more exciting.

Long Story Short

Kora Kryk is a really hot model. During our research we found out that she is a legend of her area, due to the fact that she is still active and her breasts hardly have any competition. On this website you can enjoy some unique videos of her, and though she is a professional, the flicks here feel a bit amateur, but that’s just amplifies the excitement. The conclusion is that you should try the site if you like big boobs, or you love porn just as it is.

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