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Monday, 11 January 2016 / Published in Asian
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Idols69 Overview

In Japan, idols are women who can sing and dance while maintaining an enthusiastic and sweet aura all the time. They gather the hearts of many male fans because of their cuteness and their innocence. It is no exaggeration to say that some male fans even make shrines and dedicate them to their favorite idols. They buy every merchandise that is related to their idol. Merchandise may include t-shirts, figurines, hats, fans, and many more. They won’t even use most of those items. They will just buy and collect them so that they can show their support to their idols. That is how heavenly and beautiful the idols are in Japan. You can even say that they are untouchable. But in Idols69, you will be able to see those idols break free from the stereotype that has been given to them and just get wild and nasty on a hard cock. They will take down their mask of innocence and show their true colors to the entire populace. Their real colors will not be associated with purity, but instead, it will be associated with lust and promiscuity. Those idols will experience pussy penetration anywhere and everywhere all the time. You thought that those Japanese idols could not be corrupted, but in Idols69, you will come to realize that they are even more cock-crazy than your average girl.

Tech & Specs

The Japanese pride themselves at being very friendly and providing the best service in order to assure customer satisfaction. And that trait of theirs is surely visible in the design and user interface of the website. At the very top of the website are buttons which can be used to navigate the website easily. The buttons shown are the Videos, Pictures, DVDs, Models, Categories, Network, Why Us, Tags, Top 100, Asian Uncensored, The Buzz, and Support. Those buttons provide the user with immense functionality and convenience. But among those buttons, I would say that the most noteworthy are the Categories, Network, Tags, The Buzz, and Support. Idols69 have categories and tags that are rare in other porn websites. On the website, you will be able to find the type of video that you are looking for immediately and with specificity. The Network button acquaints the user with the many numbers of websites that is associated with Idols69. Some of these are AllJapanesePass, AnalNippon, OCreampies, and more! Being a part of Idols69 will give you so much porn than you will be able to handle. In The Buzz button, you will be able to encounter the many independent third-party reviews of the website. And you will find that all of the reviews state that Idols69 is the best Asian porn site on the internet. They even have a trophy to prove that. That just goes to show that Idols69 is the best website on the whole internet where you can get your daily fill of Asian girls being naughty and dirty. And last but definitely not the least is the Support button, where you will be able to avail of the best customer support that has ever existed in the industry of porn. Their very polite staff will surely help you with any questions and problems that you may have.

Content Quality

Idols are surely girls sent from heaven since their faces look so angelic and their manners are all so prim and proper. But despite being idols, you will come to learn in Idols69 that they only want to break free from the nuisance of acting all cute and innocent all the time. What they really want is a hard cock deep inside their wet pussies! The smell of a penis nearby will make them wet their panties almost immediately. There is just too much liquid that is coming out from their vagina that they need to remove their underwear. And once all of their underwear is removed, then it is time to put in your rock-like dick inside their flesh tubes and stir it up in the hardest way possible. You will hear their high-pitched moans as you ram your long thing inside their vaginas because they are feeling so much pleasure from being fucked. Your dicked will be covered in so much pussy juice that moving inside and out of their moist and warm caves will be a breeze. And as you are about ready to cum, they will not allow you to pull out. They will wrap their legs around your waist and make you cum inside their pussies because they crave hot and thick semen inside their uterus. Apart from giving you a good fuck, they will clean up your dick with a fellatio that is so good that you will cum again even though you just came minutes ago. The videos on Idols69 are all viewable in your PC or your mobile phones. And may it be on your computer or your smartphone, you will be able to watch them in unwavering high definition quality. But if an internet connection is not available to you, then worry not! You will be able to download all of the videos on the website with amazing speeds. You, the members, are given top priority when it comes to downloading because they only want to satisfy your needs. Even better, updates are constant and privileged on Idols69 because they want to give you more porn than any other website can offer.

Long Story Short

Idols are women who are revered and worshiped in Japan. With their cute smiles and innocent faces, they become a sort of beacon of hope for the many men that are in their locality. But in Idols69, you will be able to see a different side of those idols. Those idols are actually horny sluts who just want a big hot dick inside their pussies and a thick load of semen all over their face. They just want to break free from the stereotype that has been given to them because they want to enjoy all the pleasures that sex has to offer. All the freaky ways to have sex can be seen in Idols69.

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