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Thursday, 18 February 2016 / Published in Gay
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Impossiblegaycocks Overview

The ImpossibleGayCocks is a counterpart of those straight sites which feature monster cock sex, where cute, usually short girls get ravaged by enormous cocks. When you open this site, you will see that there are several hardcore videos in there, and the thumbnails show that here are really big cocks at play in these videos. This site isn’t a new one: it’s been providing porn for the members since 2008. The update schedule is hard to detect. The content is dated, and though they show a weekly-like update frequency, the actual number of the videos doesn’t seem to grow at all. With this in mind, we could say that there are 90+ scenes and 177+ photo sets for you to browse. Every video of the ImpossibleGayCocks seem to be exclusive, so it’s possible you won’t find them on any other porn sites. The ImpossibleGayCocks is part of a network of gay-focused porn sites. If you join here, you get access to all content published on those pages. All members of the ImpossibleGayCocks gain access to 17 sites’ videos. These pages are all focusing on hardcore sex, and they seem to offer you some exclusive content. You can enjoy here studio-made porn just as you might find a neat compilation of hardcore home-made gay sex videos. Also, all members of the ImpossibleGayCocks have the chance to browse a large DVD collection. This DVD-theatre has thousands of titles listed, and it’s quite certain that you will find something you like among them. In case you are looking for real hardcore porn, which features other guys, not just these cute twinks, you will appreciate this compilation. A part of the content of the ImpossibleGayCocks is exclusive, but there is a chance of finding them on other porn sites too.

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Tech & Specs

The tour pages this company uses are really simple. They all have a large banner, a menu, and loads of thumbnails listed throughout the site. The pictures won’t give you any further access, so you can rest your eyes only on them. If you click anywhere on the site, you get to the join page. In the members’ area, you will get all tools you need to find your way to the best videos. Though there isn’t an advanced option for the search engine, it’s actual capabilities are quite good, and it’s quite enough to help you out. The menu on the left side of the members’ area is also a really nice: you can access the videos you’ve seen before and your favorites. There are several quick menus which can show you the videos listed by different methods. You can find a categories’ list, the DVD Theatre and also the list of the most popular models. You can find here some really good quality videos; and though the majority of the collection is only in SD, you will be satisfied with them. The in-browser viewing is really good, the player is fast, but if you save the videos, you can get much better resolution.

Content Quality

It’s quite certain that you know what to expect from a site with a name like this. The guys in these videos usually have above average penises, while the other guys are just getting those cocks deep down their ass. The ImpossibleGayCocks have a nice compilation of porn videos, featuring hardcore gay sex, with couples which have at least one large-cocked male in them. Every participant in these videos is gay, and it seems quite certain that none of them are bi-curious. This ensures that you can watch here hard gay sex, without the feeling that any of these lads is uncomfortable with doing those things. As far as we could see, the majority of the models here is versatile, so they are comfortable with drilling an ass and also with getting drilled in the ass. Due to this, you can see the guys doing their thing in various positions. The lads in these videos are all professionals, and they certainly know how to drill a tight ass. Since the site’s main niche is about large cocks, you might expect here dozens of well-hung guys showing off and getting sucked. Most of the guys are twinks, but some older men appear and seem to have much fun with fucking these tight-bodied hotties. It’s a mixed compilation, and you can find here uncut guys too, and though most lads here are Caucasians, you can enjoy here a bit of interracial sex too, since Black guys also make an appearance. Every scene on the ImpossibleGayCocks is professionally made. This isn’t amateur porn, the videos are shot in studio-environment and they are all staged. These movies feature one on one sex, and the couples are picked really nicely: one guy has a large cock while the other is somewhat average, so they measure and play with the other’s dick. When you start the videos, they usually have a quick beginning: a bit of cock throbbing, kissing, and in a matter of 1-2 minutes, the guys are half-naked, and they either do some sucking or rim-job. These teasing and foreplay parts are quite exciting, and they last long enough for you to get turned on. After this, they start boning each other, usually taking turns in the act.

Long Story Short

The ImpossibleGayCocks could be a really good site if it were updated and if it could offer some exclusive content. Since it grants access to a huge collection of videos from the network sites, it’s still worth a try. The DVD library is also quite strong, and though you can only stream its videos, they are quite satisfying and they cover dozens of different hardcore niches.

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