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Monday, 22 February 2016 / Published in Asian
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Japanhd Overview

Western porn, especially European, is very close to our hearts. However, there just comes a time when we crave for something else. When you feel that you are so used to seeing Western porn and would love to see a different kind of porn, we suggest that you try and watch Asian porn for a change. This move might help you for different reasons. First, Asian beauty is very set apart compared to their Western counterparts. Their bodies are more proportioned, and they come in cuter sizes. Second, Asian porn, especially Japanese ones are shot in a different angle showing the viewer a different point of view. This is very difficult to explain if you haven’t watched Japanese porn yet. You can just experience this for yourself. And finally, their themes are more varied and creative. Japanese porn alone has hentai and cosplay – two genres that you would never find elsewhere. If you are already convinced that Asian porn might be your thing and you are willing to try it out, then we are happy to tell you that you don’t need to look for a good Asian porn site anymore. What we suggest is for you to try out Japanese porn first, and we already have a website for that. This is the porn site Japan Hd. One will surely never regret joining this website, especially to all those Japanese porn lovers out there. One of the biggest nuisances that you might experience while watching Japanese porn in other porn sites, especially free ones is the fact that some important parts of the videos are sometimes pixelated because of censorship – but you won’t find those here! Aside from that, you will also get to stream and download all their exclusive and high definition videos unlimitedly. If you are already thinking of signing up for membership, then we are happy to help you out. Japan Hd has three main membership plans, a one-month plan, a three-month plan, and a one-year plan. What the porn site suggests is that you choose the one-year plan because it is the most popular choice among their members right now. However, if you are still thinking about which plan to choose then what we recommend is for you to sign up for the trial membership option first which allows you limited access to the site for two days. Doing so will give you a chance to explore the site more which will help you finally decide on which membership plan to choose. This trial access comes with a minimal fee, though.

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Tech & Specs

One of the best things that we love about this porn site is its website design. It is really impressive – especially their welcome banner containing some clips of the hottest scenes in their collection. You don’t need to play it anymore, it automatically plays for you because it’s not really a video, it’s still a banner. Below that you will see their top recommended scenes or the “Staff Picks”. It will show you four thumbnails that you can choose from and an option to show more of those. Under Staff Picks, you will then see their latest DVD releases. This preview contains different helpful information about the DVD like the title and the pornstar starring in the video. However, aside from that, you will also get to see the video’s length, the release date, and the number of scenes in the video. Finally, you will get to read a short synopsis of the things that you are going to see. However, if you are a member already then there’s no need for you to purchase the DVD anymore because you can just opt to watch it through the website. Another scroll down will show you even more DVDs and take note, they are all high definition and on Blu-ray. Isn’t that sweet? Scrolling down some more will finally show you the different thumbnails of their videos. These thumbnails contain a lot of information about their videos which are all full high definition as well. This different information is the video’s title, the date when it was uploaded, the number of views that it already received, and finally the number of “hearts” that it received from its viewers, which is the liking or rating system of the site. Finally below that, you will see the pictures of their latest and hottest porn sites and of course, even more featured scenes, presented like the thumbnails above.

Content Quality

Honestly, the beauty of the girls in Japan, according to our tastes, is one of the best in the world. It is fresh and well-balanced. Plus, they have really tight pussies! One of the things that we have noticed though is they sure love to moan out loud. While other people don’t like them noisy, we most certainly see that as an absolute turn on, because in this way, you know that they’re really letting go and enjoying themselves. As for the videos, they don’t have a specific niche in the site. They just feature all Japanese pornstars but as for a specific type of porn, no. Hence, you can go ahead and enjoy all the different genres that you want because more or less, you’ll find them here. Japan Hd has a pretty big collection of videos worth hundreds of hours of viewing, so what we recommend is for you to completely explore the porn site and see for yourself the different goodies that you will be able to watch.

Long Story Short

Overall, Japan Hd is truly a site worth signing up for. However one of the site features that we have truly appreciated is the fact that they have fully optimized the porn site so that their members will be able to enjoy their videos any way they want, and it’s not only through mobile. Japan Hd has made their site accessible through tablet (Apple and Android), smart TV, and even Playstation Portable. And this feature, my friends, is rarely seen on other porn sites.

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