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Wednesday, 04 November 2015 / Published in Gay
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The Julian18 is a hardcore porn site, with one major star: Julian. This fresh, hardly adult lad is showing how he likes to have fun. If the site would be a diary, you would get a picture of a fresh gay guy, who like to have his ass fucked, while in return, he sometimes get his cock sucked. If you are looking for a site with hardcore gay porn, performed by some really hot European lads, you will see that this site is a really good choice. Though it’s not a bareback site, everyone who is into this type of guys and these niches (cosplay, fetishes) should take a look. There are few dozen scenes on the site, because the update schedule is on a monthly frequency. All videos are exclusive, and Julian hasn’t shot any videos that weren’t added to this site. There isn’t any chance that you can find the site’s content on any other website. As a member, you get some bonuses too, but first, let’s take a look at the site itself.

Design & Features

The site of Julian is a colorful and cheerful page, which is totally in conflict with the nasty nature of the content. The top of the page features the menu, though it features only the join and the login options. The rest of the tour offers some thumbnails, and there is trailer for the site, which offers some of the hot moments from the videos. If you register, you will land on a sweet and simple page. The inner home page features a news feed, the picture of the day and the updates (latest and upcoming). On the top of the page you will see an actual menu, which can help you get to the videos’ page and the photo galleries list. As bonus content, you can read stories, and under the bonus menu, you can enjoy some extra content. The videos are offered in multiple formats and qualities. There is an embedded player, which doesn’t seem to be the standard player, but it works just fine. It’s based on Flash, and the stream is in FLV format. It offers multiple qualities, though if you prefer online watching you might got already used to it. For better performance you should let the videos buffer a bit, and then hit the play button. The real deal when it comes to quality is in the downloadable files. You can select from MP4 and WMV files. Both offer you HD quality, though the MP4 has higher bitrate. Those who prefer to watch videos on portable devices should be glad, because there are optimized files in MP4, FLV and 3G formats. All photo galleries consist of more than 100 pictures. These are not eye-melting quality photos, but they are sharp and if you are photo fan, you will like them. You can view them in a slideshow, and all of them are available as zip folders.

Girls & Videos

There are multiple models on the Julian18. The main star of the site is Julian himself, who claims that he just recently became an adult and this site was his boyfriend’s idea. Well, who knows what the truth is, and seriously, who cares? If you are on this site it means that you are looking for videos featuring fresh natural cocks and a sweet, tight asshole that gets pounded now and then. If that’s the case, then you have arrived at the right place. Julian himself is pretty fresh lad, and all videos are focusing on him, and his intercourses. He has dark hair and dark eyes, and though he is somewhat handsome, his overall appearance is rather average; though those who prefer the skinny type with really white skin will find him gorgeous. The other models here are also gay, and it seems that they are the controlling type: they fuck Julian’s ass hard and well. For example you can find here Ryan, Julian’s boyfriend who is also a fresh lad, and he plays this role pretty well. The rest of the guys are also eager to get their cocks in his ass. Most lads look pretty average, but they all have their magic. The scenes on the site are really hot. The main niche of the site is a kind of reality-porn performed by gays, shot for gays. The scenes seem to be scripted, or at least part of them is staged. In those videos where Julian and Ryan does the nasty, you can see a bit of passion, or even sensuality. Julian is a submissive type, and doesn’t seem to be into ass-drilling, most of the times he is the one who get nailed and sucks cock (he is the girl in the intercourses). Well, they were really in a relationship; Ryan would probably left Julian a long time ago, since he is a very unfaithful cunt. As you watch the videos, you can see that he gets his ass fucked by every gay he comes across during his day: he picks up a hitchhiker and serves him his ass; or he jumps into a threesome in the locker room with a hot couple. These videos also show that the scenes are not amateur footages, and another sign of this is the high quality of the picture. The updates are coming regularly, and the number of videos grow, though the site launched with an existing collection of more than 10 videos (back in 2011), which are longer than 20 minutes.


The videos of the site are captured in very good quality, and in a professional manner. These scenes cover a variety of niches, and you can enjoy some bits of fetishes and cosplay too. Though it’s a standalone site, it’s frequently updated, and those who like guys and are looking for a nice ass, will certainly find it to be satisfying. The Julian18 is recommended for everyone who wants to enjoy some hardcore European gay porn.

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