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Thursday, 25 February 2016 / Published in Lesbian
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Lesbianolderyounger Overview

Are you a fan of girl on girl action? Boy, these sites are a sure hit in our office. And who doesn’t love this type of porn? It even turns on women. This is the reason why we are not going to be too surprised if you enjoy watching lesbian porn videos as well. Another interesting niche that never fails to give all of us here a hard on is watching MILF porn. These ladies are all well-experienced already. They obviously know what they are doing, so that is an automatic thumbs up from us. We can bid goodbye to those awkward silent moments that fresh chicks sometimes have when put in delicate situations. No, MILFs already know from experience how to talk dirty, when to do things, and how to touch the stuff. This is the reason why we are so excited to reveal the porn site that we are going to review today because it effectively combines the world of lesbian porn and MILFs. The porn site’s name is LesbianOlderYounger. From the name of the porn site itself, we are sure that you already have an idea on what the porn site is all about, and yes, allow us to confirm the things that are going on in your mind right now. LesbianOlderYounger is actually part of the prestigious porn network Evil Angel. The porn site LesbianOlderYounger alone contains hundreds of full high definition lesbian porn videos and hundreds more of downloadable high-resolution picture sets. But combined with the twenty-five porn sites within the Evil Angel network, you will get to enjoy endless hours of sexy girl on girl fun and more. Some of the sites within the Evil Angel porn network are Anal Acrobats (for those who enjoy exciting anal scenes), Strap Attackers (a porn site that caters to the unique niche of femdom and strap-on sex), and Shemale Idol (another porn site that features a unique niche, this time, it is for those who enjoy shemale and tranny porn), just to name a few. We will leave it up to you to explore the site even further. If you are already interested in signing up for membership in the porn site LesbianOlderYounger, and you are also thinking of gaining access to the other twenty-five porn sites within the Evil Angel network, then allow us to head on to business. There are only two membership options: a thirty-day option and a ninety-day option. However, we really advise you to select the ninety-day membership right now if you have the extra funds for it because they are actually giving away a huge discount at the moment of writing this which would seem like you are actually signing up for a month’s worth, with two free months included! Please be informed though that we are merely reviewing the porn site so we have no idea for how long this discounted offer is going to last.

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Tech & Specs

We must say, the website design of LesbianOlderYounger is simple and classy. It is not too hard on the eyes and cluttered like those flashy black-themed sites that we are used to seeing in other porn sites. Once you have landed on the page, you will immediately notice the newest widescreen trailer of their latest scene. The navigation bar is very minimalist, and it can be found on top of that video trailer. Under the trailer, you will also be able to see other information about the video like the title, the date when it was uploaded, and the models starring in the video. Aside from that, you will also see five thumbnails of screenshots below. Scrolling down you will then see the different thumbnails of their other videos. These thumbnails are very simple as well. Like the preview, they also show the title, the date when it was uploaded, and the models in the scene. The only addition that we have noticed is the five-star rating. Another scroll down will then show you the models within the network. They are also shown in thumbnails. They contain the picture of the model, the name, and the five-star rating. Finally, under that, you will see the different photo sets that are available for download. Each set is presented in thumbnails which will show the number of images within the photo set, the title of the set, and the link to the accompanying video.

Content Quality

Are you looking for a specific type of girl or nationality? Then don’t worry, we are sure that you are going to find her here because the site doesn’t have a specific girl type or nationality in focus. They have a huge collection of different MILFs and chicks with different talents and assets for you to choose from. As for the videos, they are all masterfully produced, and it is obvious that a lot of effort and good equipment was spent in making them. All of the scenes are clear, crisp, and aptly lit. We also enjoyed that they have different stories. Of course, they have the classic videos (like videos where there is a MILF who is going to train or teach the other girl the pleasures of being a lesbian), but they have new stories as well making use of different creative scenarios.

Long Story Short

In the end, we highly doubt that you will ever regret signing up for a porn site like LesbianOlderYounger, because seriously, who in their right minds would not enjoy a good MILF lesbian porn video? But if you are one of those rare people who don’t enjoy this type of niche, then you will still enjoy the benefits of the other twenty-five sites within the porn network. Plus, you will also get to enjoy their regular weekly updates too. Every week there are guaranteed new videos and sets to enjoy. What more can you ask for?

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