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Sunday, 19 June 2016 / Published in Pornstar
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Leyafalcon Overview

A lot of the most famous porn stars that we see today are usually blonde, and why is that? It seems that the answer lies in the fact that a lot of men from around the world just love blonde girls. Being blonde is the most common stereotype for Western women – if you’re a blonde chick with blue eyes, then you have probably come from the United States or Europe. Take a look at the famous doll, Barbie, or the princesses that we usually see on fairytales. Aren’t they all mostly blonde? This type of chick is also related to other stereotypes of womanhood, like being sweet and innocent.

It seems like when we see a girl with curly blonde hair and big blue eyes, the first thing that we are going to think of is a sweet and simple housewife who bakes delicious pies or a hottie who lives next door who’s got a crush on the village jerk – but is too timid and shy to blurt out her feelings. I don’t know where these images come from, but they are surely seen almost everywhere: on magazines, television shows, even on film! Another stereotype for blondes (and probably the lowest one) is that they’re dumb. We think that this goes hand in hand with them being naïve, don’t you think? In any case, what we are trying to say is that no matter which way you take a look at them, blondes are hot. Blondes are freaking sexy. This is the reason why there are a lot of blonde porn stars because guys just go crazy over them.

One of the most famous pornstars today, though, is Leya Falcon. She is big in the porn industry and has worked with the top porn networks. Even in social media and outside of porn, her name is still well-known. Try searching her name online and you will know what we are talking about. Her Instagram followers are over the top, and she is also famous for her portrayal as Harley Quinn in the cosplay world. In porn, however, Leya Falcon is one of the top players, and today, we are going to talk about her very own porn site – the one with Puba porn network.

Puba is known for other porn sites as well, but for now, we are going to focus on Leya’s site which is named after her, LeyaFalcon. We are not going to be surprised if you are already an existing fan, because like we said, she already has an existing fanbase. Hence, we are not going to keep you waiting any longer and we are going to share with you the different membership details of her site already. The porn site has three kinds of membership: a five-day membership (available at a very low price), a one-month membership, and a three-month membership. After selecting from these options, you may already go ahead and create your account. And that’s it! Instant access awaits you.

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Tech & Specs

Her site is very classy and feminine, and we think that it might even be based on Leya’s personality. We will never really know for sure, right? But it would definitely be great if she had lent a hand to the web developers who created her site. Upon landing on the homepage of the porn site, the first thing that you are going to see is the wide welcome banner that shows a full picture of Leya herself, in all her sexy splendor.  On the right portion of the page, alongside the banner, you are going to see a couple of information about her like her date of birth, the place where she was born, among many other details that you might want to know about her. Below that, you will already see a collection of thumbnails.

These thumbnails are the latest videos that have recently been uploaded to the site. These thumbnails are sleek and simple, much like the design of the site itself. It contains a big image of the most action-filled scene in the video, or the hottest image among the batch if it’s a photo album. Aside from that, these thumbnails also contain the title of the video, the name of the model, the video’s length or the number of pictures (if it’s an album). You will also be pleased to know that the title tells a lot about the video as well. For instance, “Payton and Leya play with each other”. From the title alone, you already know that Leya is going to have some hot girl on girl action with another blonde porn star, Payton West.

Content Quality

Speaking about Payton West, one thing that we absolutely love about this porn site is that you are also going to see a lot of other famous porn stars as well. Sure, we are going to see Leya on every single video, but she is also going to play with other hot porn star friends.

Moving on to the themes of the videos that you are going to see here, of course, as with other porn star website, there is no specific porn niche or genre featured. This means that you can expect to see a lot of different types of porn scenes and videos. However, since this is Leya Falcon that we are talking about, who is famous as a black cock slut, there will be a lot of interracial porn for sure where you will see her getting fucked by big black guys with strong black cocks.

Long Story Short

We know that a lot of porn fans have followed Leya Falcon ever since she was just starting out in this industry. And why not? After all, she is a really amazing porn star. She is even famous for being able to take six guys at once! Hence, prove your loyalty by signing up as a member of her site today. Enjoy!

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