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Monday, 18 January 2016 / Published in Fetish
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Piedivelati Overview

When we talk about sexual fetish it varies broadly. In the world of porn, you will find lots of explicit stuff and when we talk about explicit porn stuff, the visuals which comes to mind instantly is beautiful girls spreading their legs and getting drilled by a huge cock. While this genre works for most people, in fact a majority of porn watchers, for some it is not their favourite cup of tea. There are some who get titillated by discreet porn. They search the internet but the results which they get fall short of their expectations. So for their cravings, we have a website which might just do the thing for them. The website goes by the recognition of Piedi Velati. This is a popular porn forum which has lots of discreet porn action for discreet porn lovers. The website mainly focuses on nylon fetish and more. The action will be available in superb HD formats and watching the action lined up, it will surely make your dicks hard and your juices going. When you enter the website you will find the most striking set of feet in pantyhose, the likes of which you have probably never come across. You will definitely be stimulated to check out the contrast between the largely covered and almost formal attire; right up of their upper torso compared to their hot and sexy nylon feet. The website presents videos in HD, WMA and other formats and the videos are offered in package of one month. The prices are also cost-effective and can be easily affordable by porn lovers. As for the models, you all know about the beauty and grace of Italian models. Well here you will find that they are not hot in terms of their figures but they also have super-hot legs. And this is not just applicable for one of two models, but all of the models who feature in the videos are great both head to toe and do a wonderful job in displaying their sexy feet. These girls first appear in boots, chunky heels or stilettos, strappy sandals and as the action progresses they using their sexy expressions, slowly take them off giving you a clear sight of their beautiful feet, soles and toes encased in stockings of pantyhose. While some girls take their own time to remove these stockings, some do it quite quickly for erotic bare foot ogling. These girls will also be switching positions in some sexy dress to give the cameras a clear shot of the full body and also a clear close up on the feet. The videos are also clear in picture quality. They are shot with state of the art cameras so they play rather well. There is no cheesy music; in fact there is no music at all to ruin your enjoyment. However one issue is that these movies are quite short in duration and so the action is kind of short lived. The website is also good in terms of the new additions. In fact as you go down the home page you will find that they promise new sets of videos in every three days. So if you love foot fetish action, then this website is the best place to start visiting or even better setting up an account to get a good and interrupted supply of materials.

Tech & Specs

The website is simple in design but does look quite good considering the kind of action it provides. It comprises of a white background and that is what makes the materials on the home page all the more alluring. There is a stunning picture of one of its models laying in a sexy costume inviting you to the website. As you go down the website you will find that there are plenty of more pictures lined up for your eyes. There is also some description about the website just to let you in on some of the important facts on the website. There are also some client testimonials which you can go through just to know how others have felt about the website. Right below are pictures of some of the best models. If you want to set up a membership account, all you have to do is simply click on the sign up option and enter the information which the website asks of you. The details are just simple basics such as your name, age and email address and after you enter all your details; you will have to pick one of the subscription options which will be present on that page. In fact if you go at the bottom of the home page, you will also find the detailed laid-out. Just submit the request and if the account status is successful, then from then onwards you will be able to browse all the videos, both new and old without any problems. Android, Windows and iPhone users can check out the website using their smart phone as the website is compatible with these OS.

Content Quality

Some of the popular names which you will find here are Angela, Samantha, Sunny, Christelle, Eden, Petra, Chiara, Felisja Fishball and many more. Plus the website also tries to constantly bring in new faces just to increase their contents and also to increase their X factor. The videos are also in HD formats and can be downloaded easily into desktops or laptops. You can also download it on your compatible mobile hand-sets. These videos are stunning in picture clarity and the same applies for the pictures which can be downloaded together in zip files. The website gets constant updates- something in 3 days of so and this is a great thing as it means that whenever you visit the website you will find something new and interesting to gaze at.

Long Story Short

So the website Piedi Velati is a great place for discreet porn lovers. You will find lots of wonderful videos to enjoy and with the subscriptions being cost-effective; it does make sense setting up an account.

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