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Monday, 26 October 2015 / Published in Adorable
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The PrismZips is a zip-site, which features some pretty stunning cuties in non-nude, but still really arousing pictures and photos. This site features new models you probably never heard of, like StellaXO, HaydenRyan or LilyXO. At this time the PrismZips is only a few months old, and there isn’t too much content there, the actual updates were starting a month ago, and it seems that there will be 2-3 updates every month. These updates feature photos and videos, and you can get them separately, there seems to be no members’ zone featured, at least that what can be depicted from the lack of login button. The PrismZips has a place to grow, and the content fills a hole in the industry, and though there might be some sites that feature non-nude content, the PrismZips wins over them when it comes to quality, in light of the fact that the site features very hot girls in Full-HD clips and high quality photo sets. These sets are so unique, that you won’t find them on the site of the models that are featured on the pictures and the photos. The PrismZips is not member of any network, it’s a standalone website.

Design & Features

The PrismZips has a clear and modern design. The layout of the home page is also very easy to learn. The top of the page features the PrismZips logo, and also the only two menu options: Latest Zips and Models. The Latest Zips ought to get you to the list of the recently added zip sets, and it does that, but since there are only a few sets yet, you won’t really need to use it, because they are all listed on the home page. The Models menu shows you the models’ name, and by clicking on one, you will get to her profile page, where you will see her “zip sets”. Those girls who are featured on the site have their own dedicated solo pages, where you can enjoy more of their work; all exclusive and very high quality. Under the menu, you will see a slideshow that features the latest updates, and you can go to the details page, you buy the set by clicking on the appropriate button. Another list of the latest sets is located below the slideshow, though this list features a description, and a link to the girl’s page. If you choose to view the details, you get to a page where you can see the features of the set. There is a title and a description, along with the exact details, like the length of the video, it’s resolution along with the number of photos and the resolution of those; and to make it complete, you get to know how big is the file going to be if you choose to get it. The best thing that’s really appreciated by every visitor is that you can get some preview pictures on this page, though you can’t enlarge them, they are quite enough to give you the necessary push into the direction of a good decision. Each of the sets contain one video, which seems to be mostly clips, usually running for 7-10 minutes… however these are some really exciting minutes! The girls strip, show their curves or get wet, and you can play the game: nipple-hunting. If you watch carefully you can see a nipple flashing here and there, and thanks to the 1080p quality you can see every detail. The nipple-hunting can go on when you browse the photos. Right now, each gallery has 150 pictures, and all of these are real photos – no vidcaps here – offering a pretty good 2400p resolution. The pictures are taken from different positions, and the girls are posing on them in various sex positions, so you can see them from every angle, without actually seeing their lady parts. The PrismZips has a perfectly optimized mobile website too, and though you can reach the site from smart phones or tablets, you might run into problems when you try to download a zip site: lack of space. If you use SD cards or other data storages you might be lucky and save the stuff directly on your device. It’s sure that the site works with Android devices, though it’s quite certain that Windows and iOS phone or tablet will be able to handle it too.

Girls & Videos

The models of the site are actual models, who are trying to establish a career in the sexier modeling circles by shooting photos and videos, which are claimed to be only implying nudity, and this in fact is a pretty hot thing. At this time, two models are featured on the site. One of them is Hayden Ryan. She is one hot cute bastard, who turns and bends, and she teases like no one else. She has nice natural body, white skin and really nice red hair. As she performs in front of the camera you will your pants shrinking, because she has that special feeling, which is a special feature of these girlfriend-types girls. The other girl actually offering some hot stuff on the site is LilyXO. On the photos here she wears a net clothes, and she shows much more than you expect, if you like brunettes, you will like Lily.


The PrismZips is too new, so it’s hard to tell about it. But as you go through at the actual content, you will certainly come to the conclusion, which it started strong, and if all girls who are mentioned on the models’ sites make an appearance here it’s going to be a really hot and truly exciting site soon. Girls like Hayden Ryan, Lily XO, Bella Quinn, Stella XO or Shannyn XO are guaranteed to make you horny, and the teasing they do is simply exciting.

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