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Friday, 08 January 2016 / Published in Public Sex
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Publicsexjapan Overview

Having sex in public is always something that ordinary guys usually dream of. The fact that a girl might be convinced or seduced into getting drilled on a place where others might see makes that girl into one wild cunt. As a porn-fan, you might know that the main reason behind the porn industry’s success is that it has only one goal: to fulfill our fantasies. If you add Japanese girls to the recipe, you get a mix of public hardcore sex with a bit of kink, which simply makes this site to be a really nasty one. It’s only a five years old site, but due to the frequent update schedule, the site built up a huge compilation. There is a new flick added every other day, so you can expect to find two-three new videos every week. Though the videos are added frequently, they are unfortunately not exclusive… at least not in the actual publishing. The scenes come from Japanese DVDs, but many of them appear online only on this site, so you still get your share of exclusivity. You may know that the Japanese are censoring their porn; luckily, not all videos are censored here, so you can enjoy the full view of the girls’ body. There is a lot more for you to enjoy, because the site is part of the AllJapanesePass network, and it offers you access to all sites of this great site-family. It’s an all-Japanese network, so you can hardly find here any Caucasian girls in action. Every included site covers a main niche, and the videos will prove to be really nasty.

Tech & Specs

It’s a kind of trend in the porn industry, that the sites doesn’t offer too much insight. The PublicSexJapan follows this trend, and you can only browse thumbnails from the scenes, nothing else is offered, so no preview videos here also. Nevertheless the main thing to see is on the inside, so let’s head there. The members’ zone looks good, and if you like the design of the tour page, you might like the inner section too. There is a banner on the top, which features the statistics of the network, so you can get the drift about how many awesome porn videos are granted to you. This banner is followed by the menu, where you can reach everything you wish, including the videos, network sites and your favorites’ library. You can also use the search engine or the videos’ keyword tags to narrow down the list of the scenes. All of this functionality is implemented into a nice mobile interface, so browsing this site on your favorite smart phone or tablet will prove to be a good experience. At this time, there aren’t much HD videos on the site, but it’s quite certain that you will find the normal quality to be good enough to enjoy. Downloading and in-browser playing are your options to enjoy the videos, and for preview, you can view the vidcap galleries.

Content Quality

Well, we all know that the Japanese are bit weird, especially when it comes to porn. It’s no big wonder, since they are the ones who gave us the Hentai and the bukkake as a niche. But, we also know and you know that too, if you are reading this that their porn stars, AV Idols are amazingly hot. They also have that kinky thing about them that can turn us wild and horny for some sweet Asian pussy. Now, the girls here are not amateurs, they are actual stars from the Japanese porn factory, and they are on their own represent a hot porn niche: they are Japanese. Also, they are in various ages, from the hottest and freshest twenty-something girls to the gorgeous MILFs and matures of Japan. You can see in these videos that these are not the ordinary porn stars, who like to do their job behind closed doors, so no one can see them… no, these hot AV Idols are performing their mischiefs in public. However, they are not just mad, but the girls you can find here are wonderfully hot: tight body, nice faces and excellent curves where you need a girl to be curvy. There are models with perky and medium breasts, but some natural huge tits also appear here and there. The videos here are all really nasty. Not just because the girls are drilled hard and deep, but because of the overall nature of these scenes. As you can get it from the title, the videos all feature public-like sex. It’s quite hard to detect that these are actually shot in real public, or they are staged. It’s certain that many of them are staged, especially those that are shot in offices and educational institutes, but when the girls are fucked on a bus or in a park… well, those might be something else. We know that the Japanese are crazy when it’s about porn. What the girls do is amazing. It seems that the Japanese have thing for group sex, because in most videos there are many of this kind of action. And by group, we mean actual groups of guys, not just two. In some cases the girls are going to be fucked in all available holes, and they seem to enjoy it pretty much. Those who prefer hardcore sex, but are tired of the mainstream Western porn will certainly enjoy watching these dirty videos.

Long Story Short

In case you enjoy watching hardcore sex done in public places, it’s quite certain that you will enjoy watching the videos of the PublicSexJapan. The girls are gorgeous, and they are doing things you wouldn’t even dream of. With the neat collection and the good update schedule, the site is going to become your favorite quite soon. Also don’t forget to consider the network access, which makes the site not just a good source for porn, but also turns joining into a pretty good deal.

Unfortunately the site is not available anymore!
We suggest you to Visit OutdoorJP, which is a new and better version.