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Friday, 11 March 2016 / Published in Fetish
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Punishedangels Overview

Most of the porn sites are always offering male-female action but if you want something different, why not consider the PunishedAngels. This site will provide you an unlimited action of spanking videos. Typically, a sexual interaction starts with a gentle caress before pumping and moaning begun. With PunishedAngels, you will certainly see red asses being spank by another female. So if you love a bit action-packed video of girl to girl interaction, this site is the best option for you. Women with curvaceous bodies and perfectly formed bare bottoms love the slapping, whipping and flogging just to obtain arousal. This site is managed by Chelsea Pfeiffer who is also known to be a spanking enthusiast. She was always being spanked by her parents. She thinks that it was a sign of love for her until she carries it when she becomes an adult. Since she loves such pleasure, she created a site and look for gorgeous women who want to become a model base on her concept which is spanking. Then the rest is history. This site teaches lessons and about lust. The story of each video tackles about a girl who commits mistake or offense that makes the other girl mad. Then the spanking starts to perform using brush, paddles and most of the time, bare hands. Once fannies are glowing red, they began to reach their orgasm. So if you want to try something new, you must sign up first in order to have a full access to the site. PunishedAngels offer 1-day free trial, 1-month subscription and 3-months subscription. Once you sign up, you will also be given full access to other affiliated sites of PunishedAngels.

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Tech & Specs

One good thing about PunishedAngels is that it has a user-friendly interface. It doesn’t take you a lot of time for loading their site as you can easily access it online. Upon opening their home page, you will already have a brief overview of their specialty and pretty sure, you will actually like it. PunishedAngels provide larger thumbnails and the overall design of the site is simple but loud. The background models are too hot to handle bending showing off their boobies and pussies smiling at you. You can always have a free tour of the site if you don’t want to sign up immediately. The site also provides instant access to non-members and will give you quick previews of their featured models in the videos. You will also be provided with trailers to have a taste of what a fetish lust is. You will also get updates if you have subscribed to their mailing list so there is a lot to watch for.

Content Quality

You would really think that these girls are just hurting themselves and not enjoying it. You would also think why do such activities where they also ended up swimming for orgasmic pleasure. To eliminate those questions, have a look at their girls and videos. To a have sneak peek of the girls of PunishedAngels; here are some of the featured models. First, take a look at these 2 fresh chicks fetish video. Francesca’s cupcakes were stolen by Carolyn and when Carolyn found out, she gets mad and Francesca faces the spanking consequence. At first, Francesca was a bit hesitant but she feels the heat on her ass, she starts begging for more. Carolyn beat her up with her hands until both of them ended in a sweaty climax. Perhaps you might want to know what virgins do. Then stream down the videos of this 2 hot temptress. These fresh chicks thinking of spanking each other’s ass in order to get the pleasure and fortunately, they did start caressing each other once their bare bottoms are flaring red. Have you seen a girl masturbating? Most often not because this is a typical man’s nature so take a sneak review of this one video of Chelsea. After finishing her errands, she just caught her employee doing nothing. What surprising to her is that she saw her employee bare naked and simply jerking her on the job. This scenario turns her on to do the fetish moves and starts whipping her employee’s ass as a sign of discipline. Her employee does not complain and in fact, she wants to do the spanking more while playing with her labia. PunishedAngels has 3,500 fetish videos wherein most of the videos can run at least 11 minutes or less. Their videos have no restrictions and it can easily be downloaded if you want to. They also offer various video formats for compatibility and that includes MP4 and Flash. The site also provides a wide array of pictures in their photo galleries. This contains over 42 galleries with 45 images each of their models as well as video captures. The site also features free access to over 40 fetish sites. PunishedAngels also promises one important thing. They provide full HD videos as well as high definition images of their models. All of their videos are downloadable so you don’t have to worry how to keep some of their videos. You can also ensure high quality videos and no pixelated scenes will be encountered once you have the full access to the site.

Long Story Short

PunishedAngels might be odd for others but once you get to know what the site offers, surely, you would understand how throbbing and pleasure goes hand in hand. You might not see pumping, deep throat penetration and hard cocks here, but there is always a place in your body that tickles and encourages you to do the orgies. Most of the girls here are also gifted with curvaceous bodies, perfectly shaped bare bottoms and natural big breasts to flaunt. When it comes to quality of the video, you will probably get the best ones especially if you sign up as a member of PunishedAngels.

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