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Saturday, 24 February 2018 / Published in POV
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RealityLovers Overview

Innovation has taken the driver’s seat and has led to the introduction of many new technologies across the world. One such technology is virtual reality, which was first lapped up by the gaming industry and later by many other services. One of the latest adopters of this technology is the porn industry, and new sites have come up offering VR porn. One such site that offers VR porn is RealityLovers. RealityLovers is a new age site specializing in only VR based porn. With the most amazing sluts, videos that give you a realistic porn experience, with 3D perception, 180 degrees view range, binaural sound, head tracking and all videos in 1080p full HD quality, RealityLovers is a porn connoisseur’s ultimate fantasy land.

Well, most porn sties have amazing sluts and great videos. So, what’s great about RealityLovers? It will also be a bother to own a VR gear and maintain it, right? So, why should you be so bothered about watching porn on RealityLovers? There is a reason, and it goes beyond the sluts, videos and the technology. It is the experience you get when you watch porn on your VR gear. Unlike regular porn sites where you watch to enjoy and jerk, watching porn on VR will give you the joy of experiencing porn in a new avatar. So, are you ready to ride the RealityLovers bus through the eyes of VR? Yes, then all aboard the review that we have presented to you about RealityLovers.

Great porn site with stunning virtual HD videos


Tech & Specs

RealityLovers has a very simple and easy to navigate site, without too many links and graphics. The absence of graphics and animation helps the site to load quickly. The site welcomes you with two naked sluts in a light embrace, lying one atop the other. And their tongues licking each other makes the photograph very sexy. As a watermarked image, you will have the urge to seek more of such sluts on this site.

All links to the important parts of the site are seen at the top of the page. You will find Home, Join, Help, Blog and Login tabs. The blog tab seems fascinating, isn’t it? I will come back to this later in the review. First let us look at the other features that the site offers. There are a little over a dozen pages of videos on this site, and each page has five videos. So, you can expect 65+ videos on this site, all in VR mode. We have already mentioned some of the critical elements of VR based videos in the overview. So, you are aware of it.

The videos are loaded against a grey or red backgrounds, the colours alternating. This highlights each video conspicuously, while giving a pleasant viewing experience. On the right, there are 10 thumbnail photographs. On clicking the thumbnail, you can watch it enlarged, in a pop-up screen on the browser. Now comes the interesting part of watching porn through the VR gear. If you do not have the VR gear, it is ok, but you should read through this part. The trailer on the embedded flash player has a double image.

The images look very identical to an untrained eye. However, for a trained person, these are the images as seen from the left and right eyes respectively. To get a depth perception, these images must merge, so that you can get the 3D effect. You will find that the videos are stretched towards the back, and curved too. The stretched and curved portions allow you to perceive depth, leading to the 3D effect. Truly, technology has advanced so much that you can watch your favourite stuff in VR today.

Before we conclude this section and move to the more interesting part of the review, let me briefly highlight the affordability of the site. Yes, this site looks luxurious, but all luxurious sites need not be expensive. Yes, you read it right. The site is among the most affordable ones in the world of porn. You can opt for prepaid or recurring plans. In prepaid plans, you pay in advance for watching one, three or five videos. In recurring plans, your subscription is subscribed at monthly, quarterly or annual frequencies. The site is available in two languages, English and German.

Content Quality

So, here we are, at the most interesting part of the review, the Girls and Videos. Let us start with the girls. Oh, where do we find the girls, their names and photographs? You will find all this in the Blog section of the site. You will also find the latest updates from the site, news clippings and articles written about the site in various forums. The hottest and trending news from RealityLovers is its nomination in the 2017 AVN Awards at Las Vegas.

The sluts modeling for RealityLovers are exclusive to this site. You will find some of the hottest European and American sluts modeling out here, in addition to Hispanics / Latinas and ebonies. No words can describe the beauty of these bitches. Every inch of their body is to die for. From their lips, nape, breasts, slim waists and flat tummy, sexy navel, trimmed or shaven pussy, round and perfectly shaped asses and their slender legs, they are Sex Goddesses who are out here to satisfy your innate sexual fantasies. With VR, you will not have to find a real sex partner to fuck, but instead, fuck the slut you see in the videos.

The videos are incredible, and true to life, given the VR technology. All the videos are produced from a POV perspective, so when you watch them, you are an active participant in the video. When she sucks a cock, she is sucking your cock; when she rides the dick, she is riding you. When she takes the hand to her breasts, she is taking your hand. Everything is so real, so beautiful and so immersive. The videos are sure to keep you hooked on till you drop down, exhausted.

Maybe a video description may make sense to understand what this is all about. At the time of writing this review, a new video, She’s Lunalicious, was released. This video features Hispanic bitch, Luna Corazon. She loves to pleasure herself, and loves to show you her intricate skills in masturbating and using dildos. That’s what she does in this video. This curly haired cunt loves giving you an erotic striptease and showing off her breasts, nipples, pink cunt, perfect ass and beautifully sculpted body.

Her tanned complexion adds to her sex quotient. Once she strips, there is no stopping her and she fucks herself, including her slender fingers and a pink dildo. One of the highlights of this video is when Luna bends over to kiss you. She is so close to you that you feel she is kissing you. Trust me, if you were to watch this video with your girlfriend, you would want her to ape Luna.

Long Story Short

So, how was your ride on the RealityLovers bus? Liked it? You must have loved the journey and must be yearning to enjoy it, in the true sense of the word. Affordable site, high quality videos, excellent audio, and some of the most beautiful chicks you have ever seen, RealityLovers is the place for you to be. If you need to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest developments, you can even sign up for the site’s newsletter, apart from following it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites. A truly new-age site, you will not get enough of it even after years of being with it. Join Now!

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