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Friday, 05 February 2016 / Published in Amateur / GF
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She’sNew Overview

She’s New is a website in Team Skeet’s big network of porn. In the usual style of Team Skeet’s appearance, the girls carry that look of the pretty girl-next-door except that only this time they have something new to offer. Most of them are fresh but extremely committed to boning on their very first time. Here you will get great camera shots of their cute pretty faces as they suck big hard cocks, eager to enter their still fresh pussy. In great POV you will see amateurs’ first hardcore sex experience on camera- get horny while these porn virgins are finally touched by the very first time. She’s New only accept first-time tapes of amateurs who want to become a pornstar. Besides seeing these eager cock suckers getting fucked from several angles, you will also be able to do that in quality HD with additional access to more than 49 500 images. With hundred percent exclusive content and discount partner sites, you will have access to twenty-three websites for the price of 1. If you didn’t know, Team Skeet also features a bunch of other websites such as ExxxtraSmall, Innocent High, and POV Life, to simply name a few. Additionally, you are given seven updates of new videos a week with fast and unlimited download capacity.

Tech & Specs

She’s New has a layout that is easy to navigate. Once you enter you will be faced with several photos of amateur girls on their audition tapes. Click on them and you will see the video full on, not too many attachments or features, just sexy and sweet amateur action. What I like about She’s New website is that it’s straight forward in concept and therefore also its layout. Before even checking the website too much, from the pictures, you will already know what you want and what to expect. No need to search and check this and that to find out what you want- it’s all there, right in front of you to see and enter. The layout is cute, with a writing font similar to one of a fresh girl’s diary in blue and pink color. The cuteness on the outside works also to perverse the dirty minds you’ll encounter once inside. You’ll feel that through the photos on the home page that are extremely tempting. With beautiful shots of girls with their creamed up butts and pussies, staring cock sucking eyes and fresh creamed up tits. Oh yes, you will be wanting to go inside and see what’s in store. I love when you have been already left with a boner before even starting the video.

Content Quality

The girls that you see are mostly flirty and ready to get down to business. They are nervous so they laugh and smile a lot. But of course, not all. Each beginner is different, most of them are pleasurable, though you might also run into some boring and disappointing ones who, nevertheless, are still quite entertaining to at least laugh at. What is also cool is the creativity of these audition tapes as a whole. Some are more imaginative than others, with a proper story line to get you going. Get ready to see that girl-next-door you always dreamed of in full action or that car wash girl getting fucked against the garage door. These creative ones are good but even better are the audition room ones. When auditioning, the guys usually being with a flirty conversation and after a while start trying to get these girls naked and ready for action. First they work in convincing them to take off their clothes than suck their cocks and after that, you know what’s down, get nasty. It is exciting to see how some girls are quite shy and need more convincing while others are full players ready to do all sorts of crazy things such as playing with toys, doing splits and all sorts of activities that accentuate their cunt. I guess this is in purpose to prove how ready they are to become actresses. Others, not so much but as the thrill start getting to them, they become gradually more horny and so more into it- I find these the cutest to watch.

Long Story Short

There is nothing more exhilarating than seeing some fresh girl being all nervous and excited at the same time to get started with their audition tape. What may look as sweet and innocent fresh girls come with the full package for you to watch and fantasize later on. Although clearly nervous and unsure, these girls come in playful nature, wonderful cock teasers, flirtatiously gazing at the camera, sucking and slurping on a big cock just before it’s about to enter. Some of them are shyer while others are more than eager to impress. She’s New collection of videos are fun because they also allow for lots of variation to occur in between the moment the girl comes in until the moment the action begins and ends. Because each girl is different and inexperienced there is a lot that it can happen within the thirty, forty minutes video. For example, some will be more into their role already from the start to later shy down as they realize they really have to get down hot and dirty. While some show to be the complete opposite, shy and innocent at the beginning to later being crazy sex freaks who won’t stop riding that up and down until they get some jizz popping out that D. So, in the end, these videos are cool because they allow you to see how these amateurs gradually change as the audition continues, some getting more playful and into it than they were at the beginning and some just surprise you completely. In the end, some end their super confident and others totally embarrassed. And it is simply amazing to be able to see that.

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