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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 / Published in Party
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ScandalOnStage Overview

Sex has been a part of our lives for a very long time. It came to a point where everyone else seems to be enjoying it and even in our very generation right now, it is something that is important and is quite stirring up different sort of issues. Now, with that in mind, many individuals like me are open about sensitive issues with regards to the matter and it is not something you should even be subtly ashamed about. In Europe, sex is celebrated and it does not seem really subtle back there. In Europe, you even get your breakfast ads in the form of two lesbians making out. In Europe, the people are very open minded and there is no malice to the said topic. Not unless, of course, if you are planning to fuck someone in broad daylight by surprise, because that would be crazy.

What I meant for ‘celebrated’ is that, it does not seem to faze these people and most of them actually enjoy the topic of sex on a daily basis. Go figure. Europe is a country where people on the beach lay naked, whether you are a man or a woman. Then again, for us outside Europe, sex is being frowned upon and being considered “malicious” and indecent. Now, we do not really need that kind of negativity in our lives and who cares if you are not in Europe? ExtremeMovieCash just brought us something that we could enjoy as a whole and this thing comes directly from Europe! Only catch is, it is on the digital side of things.

But it does not matter because this one right here is truly a good catch. ScandalOnStage is something that might seem lascivious to hear about but it is not only that, this porn site is not your ordinary adult site. This is not directed and produced in a room where you get a bunch of people to do the lighting and all that glamour. ScandalOnStage is an actual live sex show that is happening on stage in certain parts of Europe. Yes, live sex shows! These “shows” are actually scheduled to happen before it is actually happening, if you get my drift. The company plans these “events” and then films it so their fans from all over the world need not to travel back and forth to Europe to catch these glorious happenings.

These sex shows are subtle and only certain people know about it but it does not mean they do not have tons of audiences to cater to. What happens on stage is exactly what happens when they are filming a scene for a porn site. There is not much difference, only that it is really live. You will hear techno music embracing the venue, there are little European dialogues and a lot of moaning which you will find really hot. There are blow jobs, tug jobs, double penetration, anal and pussy fucking, some stripping, threesomes, lesbian sex, gang bangs, orgies, and so much more. It actually is a lot better than most porn scenes I know and I would pay in thousands just so I could be one of the audience one of these days. The action is more raw and the audience is always fired up as you see them cheering on and on while the presenters do what they do best on stage. There is so much to look forward to in this site so keep your eyes peeled for what is to come!

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Tech & Specs

ScandalOnStage is like party inside a party inside a party. It is never ending and fun and its website design shows us just what it really is. Black backgrounds, purple and blue borders, white and orange fonts, the layout for this porn site is just what their theme depicts. Now despite the funky design they have come up with, which I admit is rather a great addition, the pictures and the videos are the ones that will really capture you. This is great because it would mean, despite the sunny disposition of the design, you still do not stray away from the important part.

The navigation is easy peasy and the interface is very user friendly. You will not be lost around here. Now all the most vital links are found on the top most part of the porn site, just under the huge banner the site has. It usually has the usual links plastered around like ‘Home’ button which will initially take you to the main page, the ‘Photos’ button which will take you to all 150+ galleries the site has (sadly you cannot download them via zip files so you will have to do them individually), then you get the ‘Movies’ button where you will be faced with the hottest previews and the entire collection the site has, afterwards you get the ‘Bonus Sites’ button where it will prompt you to a place where you can access the sites that come free with your ScandalOnStage membership.

These sites are under the ExtremeMoviePass network and are altogether very great as a whole. These sites are also on the hardcore side of things and you get them for free, which is ultimately the greatest extra you will be getting with your membership.

Content Quality

This one right here does not only focus on the girls but on the boys as well. It basically is a mixture of both in terms of number and activities. All these people are European and they do speak certain European languages that we may or may not be able to decipher but still works it out. Their hot, steamy actions are being filmed even though they are live and because of that, we, who are not in the audience, still get to see the fiery exchange in our screens.

Members of ScandalOnStage will be able to download the scene in their devices in either MP4 or WMV format. The pixel resolutions available are at 1280 x 720 and 720 x 576. The same resolution applies to when you decide to watch the scenes in your browser using an updated, embedded Flash player.

Long Story Short

I love how unique the site seems to be and the content count is rather high. The quality is decent and is pretty much very good, to be honest. The theme is odd but satisfying and who does not want to see live sex shows? Certainly not me.

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