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Thursday, 14 May 2015 / Published in Amateur / GF
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Every girl loves to be a whore for her man. Ladies are always ready to have their man do it to them like in real porn movies and they really do not mind if you get to see it. There is now a site See My Sex Tapes that allows real couples to send sex tapes to them for pre-qualification and possibly land a contract to become a model for the site. Then there are those who can only watch porn if they knew the actors in them. They love to watch real people with real tits and no fake boobs. These are those who like it all natural. And those who prefer to be a voyeur of couples in love who are banging each other hard as is if there was no tomorrow. Porn is good but even better when it happens between lovers. The hardcore fucking that happens in movies gets even better when it occurs between lovers. The shear abandon with which they go about fucking and licking will make any viewer want to take part in the action. This is an amateur porn site were everyday people upload videos shot right from the comfort of their homes. Interested couples will shoot videos of them having sex and send to the administrator on the site. This video is then reviewed by a panel that decides whether they want to take this couple in the video as paid models or not.

If a model’s application is accepted, they have read and sign a contract. Paid models are expected to do at least one hour of video. Prospective models are expected to shoot videos using high quality cameras such as Sony HD and Panasonic HD. Once approved, they will be expected to sign release forms and ID. Signing of the release form is considered the most important step in the whole process. Approved couples are asked to film themselves with their government approved ID in hand and clearly visible. A copy of contract required to be signed can be downloaded on the website.


What this site is about: No fake tits

Unlike other porn sites which have models with fake boobs and tits, this site has real ladies. If you see big tits and round fat asses, they are real nothing artificial. These are two or more adults having fun just like your usual porn stars, only they are not acting. The screams and moans are real. They come from lovers who can’t seem to get enough of each other. Third parties are not allowed as according to the site this is supposed to be an affair between partners. The fact that there are not many people hanging around while the action is taking place is what makes it real.

Irrespective of where you live, you and your partner can send in hot videos of yourself fucking anywhere you please. While distance is not an issue, language may be as for now the websites will prefer videos done in English. If you are use any other language, it should be just to spice up the whole act. Couples whose videos are selected will be paid $2500. Note that this is a one off thing and couples should not expect to do this every week. Before you get interested and send your video with poor lighting or with your face covered up, note that this is going to be rejected. When videos are shot, there should be enough light to help members get a good view of the action. Also covered faces are not allowed as the site owners believe that you should really want it to be ready to send your videos so there should be no shyness in you.

How to get in and get going

You may not be bold enough to send videos of you doing your partner real hard but you don’t mind watching your neighbors do it. That is why you will find the videos on this site fun to watch and they are sure to stir up some insane emotions in you. While you can watch for free the suggestive pictures of pretty girls in suggestive poses and possibly get a sneak peak at some of the action, these are so short that they are sure to leave you hungry for the real thing. That’s why you need to become a member and watch some of the dirtiest sex movies shot by complete amateurs. You can get a free trial membership of two days at just $1.95. Better, have a special monthly membership of $19.95 for this amazing stuff you don’t get to see this anywhere on the web. You could also decide to extend your membership period and go for the 3 months membership which is available at $54.95. To crown it all, for one year of fun videos or everyday people being fucked and happy to let you watch them, $119.95 is a great bargain. This is a good site when you want to see some everyday people getting all dirty and behaving like sluts. Who knows, you may even recognize some faces in the movies as you never know what that neighbor you spend your time fantasizing about has been up to. Given that these are not videos of your everyday porn models, there are strictly terms and conditions that apply first to the models and then to the members. The models will have to prove that they have the consent of all those who appear in the video. This is done by everyone involved signing consent forms. Payments are done through the internet payment portal Vendo and are very secured.

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