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Friday, 15 April 2016 / Published in Adorable
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Shyangela Overview

Everybody loves fucking a shy girl and what if that shy girl happens to be ‘Shy Angela’? She is one of the top actresses in the world and she hardly allows herself to come out of her shell. She needs plenty of coaxing to even take her panties off and forget about the fucking, but once when she does get into the move she takes on a bad girl approach which will just blow your mind. You will love how her bland and shy avatar becomes full of hotness and how get gets into some of the steamiest sex scenes that you have ever seen in your life. You will love how consistently she puts out content for her audience over the weeks and she has been able to meet all of the demands of her audience very easily. A lot of variety is present in her videos and it is not the same thing over and over again as you would expect in other websites.

The website has been around for a while and they have been putting out some of the best single star scenes you have ever seen. If you happen to have a penchant for high-quality porn then one of the best websites to be a part of is Shy Angela for some truly amazing sex scenes that you will love watching. The website has only one star so you can expect things to be on the slower side and you should consider if you want to get a website subscription for one star only or not. But one thing that cannot be denied is that she is extremely beautiful and you will surely not be disappointed with the amazing content that is on offer by the website for the people who want to get some jaw dropping visual glory. You will find her in some of the most compromising of sex positions and she tries to shake it up as much as possible. The solo sessions are among the best and you will never be disappointed with the variety that she manages to put up. The wide variety of genres that have been covered is just too good and you will love the variety that you can get thanks to Shy Angela’s sexy avatar which comes out once in a while.

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Tech & Specs

The high-quality user interface at Shy Angela is just intuitive and very easy to use without any issues at all. The website has also been designed to be responsive, which allows you to access the content on all your devices and still get the uniform experience, which makes is highly easy to navigate through content without getting confused. The search functionality is really great and you will not have to worry about getting your images and videos at all. The videos and images are up for download to all members of Shy Angela as well as the bonus sites that which include some of the hottest solo session websites that you can get featuring Angela’s friends. The videos are in MP4 format while the images are available for download in zip files that have been put together into full-length galleries. You will have full access to all of the videos and images even when your membership runs because there is no DRM licensing involved. But it is only for the content that you download and have on your desktop already before your membership expires. There are plenty of resolution options to get so you will be able to customize your experience just the way you want it, so you can choose the right resolution depending on the speed of your net connection. If you want to reach out to the customer support for help then you can do that too through the contact us page where you will get almost instant access. The very simple approach and not being hindered by pesky ads is what makes the website so great and you will love the approach the website is taking to make the usability of the website so good. There are plenty of other aspects which need to be discussed such as the design, the layout and etc. So read the remainder of the review.

Content Quality

The content is just top notch and one of the best things about Angela is that she listens to her fans a lot. If you happen to want a particular type of scene and so do her other members then she will make sure that you get to see her in the scene as soon as possible. She not only has some nice solo sessions but she brings along her friends for added fun as well. The movies are just phenomenal and if you are someone who loves full-length content then you will surely not be disappointed if you become a member. She wears all kinds of sexy clothes that will just turn you on and you will begin to question how shy she is when she gets into her ‘naughty mode’. The wide range of features also add up to the experience and you will be taken aback by just how great the content is.

Long Story Short

Overall the content is quite good and you will want to keep coming back for more as much as possible thanks to her being highly active. If only Shy Angela wasn’t as shy she would be putting out a lot more content but as of now, there is hardly much to expect and it is completely up to her to put up content based on her schedule. But the content is quite good and if you are willing to pay for the content that is already on offer then you will surely love the website for what it is.

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