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Wednesday, 12 October 2016 / Published in POV
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Simplypov Overview

Are you into amateur porn videos as much as I do? Then you are in for a treat today my old chap for we are going to feature here in today’s porn site review a porn site that is known in the world of porn as the best source of user submitted amateur porn videos!
The point of view porn is one of the most interesting ways of shooting videos, don’t you think? That is why, from a shooting style, it has completely turned into its own niche. For those who have not heard of this niche yet, it is where the male porn star or male participant of the video is the actual camera guy, or sometimes the camera guy just stands really close behind the male participant (but I’m guessing that would be awkward to film), and they shoot it in a way that would make the video look like as if the viewers themselves were the ones in the scene.

That is why it’s called a point of view, because what you are going to see is what you would see, or the way that you would see it if you are the one who is really in the scene, as if the female porn star is actually sucking your own dick. This is also the main reason, why in virtual reality sites, not only for porn, the videos are shot in this way as well, so when you put on those really cool glasses, you would just fit right in.
It is pretty hard to explain if you haven’t watched a point of view video yet, and the best way to fully grasp this technique and porn niche is to watch the point of view porn videos on your own!
One thing that I noticed though that sets amateur POV porn videos apart from the professionally shot ones, is the fact that they look more realistic because these videos are taken from camera phones and other handheld devices – just as how a regular person (like us) would.

Hence, if you also enjoy these types of videos, then you would truly enjoy the porn site SimplyPOV as well. However, it is important to note that even though this is an amateur porn submission site, this is still a premium porn site that you should sign up for membership too. Otherwise, you are not going to gain access to their massive amateur porn collection.

By the way, if you have awesome POV videos of your own, you may also submit them too. Just keep in mind that the porn site can be really strict when it comes to the quality of POV videos that they post on the site. You can see that in the clarity of the POV videos that you would be able to stream and download after signing up for membership. This is done for our own sake as well, to ensure that we get most out of our money.

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Tech & Specs

The SimplyPOV porn site’s website design is actually pretty sweet and girly. This is probably due to the type of ladies that you are going to see in the porn site as well. Almost all of them look fresh and vibrant. Once you have landed on the page, the first thing that you are going to lay your eyes on is a big banner that almost fills up the screen. It is a collage of different pictures featuring the hottest women that the site has ever featured, along with the big multicolored logo of the site. The logo itself is vibrantly colored with bright purple, neon orange.

This is the same color theme that the porn site used for the other graphical elements of the page like the buttons and dividers. As for the background, it is a screaming blue with stamps of the porn site’s logo. Scrolling down, you will then see the different thumbnails that represent their latest uploads. Again, all of these are a hundred percent amateur. You are not going to see any professionally produced video here, that’s for sure. These thumbnails are only interrupted by sign-up links spread throughout the page.

Content Quality

Because this is an amateur porn submission site, the ladies are as varied as their videos. However, there are particular ladies that willingly create and submit videos for our enjoyment. These are the “regulars” I presume. So you can still try and search for other videos submitted by a certain girl, just in case it’s not just a one-time thing.

The only common denominator with these girls is the fact that they are all hot and beautiful. No fugly girls here, that’s a promise. That is also the reason why all videos are pre-screened before they make it into the site. This is unlike the other amateur porn sites out there that just accept videos automatically. Well, these sites don’t pay for them anyway, unlike here on SimplyPOV where the people’s hard work is rewarded.

Long Story Short

In total, this is really one of the best amateur porn submission sites on the internet. The different criteria that they have enforced on the submitted videos are obviously effective. If you want to be a part of this community of viewers and video makers, then you could just click on one of those links that I have mentioned awhile ago, the ones that lead to the sign-up page.

You would then be lead to a separate page where you are just going to fill up a single form. From there, you may just select the membership plan that you want. It’s only a 2-day access trial and a one month access anyway. Finally, you will be pleasantly surprised that after signing up, you will also be granted access to the forty-four other amateur porn submission sites within their network.

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