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Straight-aebn Overview

AEBN looks like just random letters but it’s an acronym for adult entertainment broadcast network. Straight-AEBN is one of the largest sites that offer you quite a wide selection of hardcore sex action, without tying you to a monthly maintenance fee. In simple terms, this site allows you to purchase viewing minutes and credits, to enable you to access what you need.

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Tech & Specs

Straight-AEBN is a site that is designed to serve you as a member. You can easily access it through many different devices including a phone, smart TV, and tablets. This site only requires basic information about a member while signing up. Basic membership is actually free. After signing up here, you can take your time to surf in the members’ area, checking out the tons of videos here, which will actually enable you to make a decision on whether you can purchase the credits, or the minutes offered here.

You will notice that this site has a very professional design with several sorting options and navigation tools. To narrow down your browsing options, the site arranges the videos in several categories that are easily accessible through the sites task bar at the site. As a user of this site, you will also love the chance offered by the site where you can save your page and formatting preferences. You can also save your favorite videos in one folder that enable you to view them, whenever you need.

Content Quality

Straight-AEBN has more than 90,000 DVDs where each video runs for an average duration of 20 minutes and the scenes here, total to more than 490,000 full level scenes. These videos are categorized in more than 100 categories which also include some old fetishes, from the 1970’s, 80’s and others from recent times. Most of the videos here feature very beautiful models. I am not sure if the faces are exclusive to Straight Aebn, I think I have seen a couple of them elsewhere. All the same they look good and are fun to watch. The same applies to the videos here. While the content may not be exclusive to the site, they’re surely great for passing time.

Members are required to purchase minutes in order to stream or watch the videos. This means that your membership here will not be charged until you decide to buy the minutes which are payable through your credit card. The site also offers you some free minutes to members who sign up on the site, through their credit cards. You won’t be charged pre-approved payments before you make a purchase.

Membes with premium accounts can download videos as well from the site. Most videos on demand are available in MP4 formats and at a full HD, with dimensions ranging up to 1980×1080 pixels. I saw some old videos on the site with lower dimensions. Still, they looked great. What I like is that the quality of the videos here is consistent. You can watch the videos and enjoy the full action here.

Long Story Short

Most of the content of Straight-AEBN is offered in full HD, making you only have access to the best quality of VOD videos and in turn, making your every minute here, worth your every buck. I would easily recommend this site since you will not lose anything, until you actually decide to view a video and hence, giving you a say in the kind of content that you actually pay for. 

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