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TrickyAgent Overview

There are tons of reality sites out there that have a lot of things to do with porn. I could not count how many I have encountered in the past few months and I must say that the genre has been plaguing the pornographic scene more than the usual. Then again, I am not one to complain since reality scenes and videos are my guilty pleasure. I just hope that people would be more unique and bring something rather new to the table. Sure enough, with the internet growing just as well, we are bound to come across something very out of the ordinary soon enough. I have spent ample time in here looking for the perfect reality based porn site and I guess it is rather safe to say that I have encountered quite a number.

One of these would be TrickyAgent. Yes, just by the name itself, you would say and imagine that this is something good and something unique. For me, it is. It is my first time dealing with this sort of genre and theme and so far, I am loving every bit of my time in here. It all comes down to this Russian dude who lures women into his studio by tricking them. Of course, these gullible ladies fall for the usual trick and a day of hardcore sex ensues. The theme is new to me and I find it refreshing. TrickyAgent is managed by Serious Cash and is under the Dirty Flix network. It was launched last May 2013 and has been really active these past few months. Dirty Flix is home to a lot of amazing porn sites, so you can expect the same quality from TrickyAgent. If you are looking for hot Russian chicks getting rammed hard and deep by some strange man, this porn site is best for you.

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Tech & Specs

If I were to describe what kind of site design is assigned to TrickyAgent, I would say something really nice because that would be the ample truth. If you will notice, the site remains simple and austere. The site’s simplicity and minimalist features will help optimize your browsing journey. First of all though, I will have you know that this is not just some free to watch porn site. This is, in fact, a pay site, and you will need to register before jumping into anything else. Once registered, you will be free to do anything you want inside the site, including accessing all its available features and watching the videos and photo sets that come along with it. To register, you will only need to choose a password and a user name, then move on to choose for a payment plan. If you are done, you will be able to log in by inputting your desired user name and password.

The navigation here is plain and easy to understand. The user interface is beyond user friendly. In actuality, the site made sure that there user interface is great and highly helpful to the members of the site. Sure enough, this is one of the things that make the site really worthwhile. The site is arranged to make sure that you will not lose yourself in the process, in which I mean, you would not feel confused about where to go. Now, 2013 is a long start and rest assured, you will be faced with a great deal of features that will make your adventure here a little more special than the rest. The main page is filled with different sorts of things, mostly video thumbnails, video caps, and video trailers. Each of these will eventually prompt you to the corresponding video it represents. Each set is covered with all three, including a vivid description of what it really is. You can find the titles in each video, also the names of the stars in it. The site also has a number of photo sets that make it even better.

Although some of them seem like video caps, they still are in high resolution and they look way too good to be just mere video caps. They have a dimension of 1600 x 1200 so you get so much more. You may download these sets in zip files or save them individually. You can also opt to view them in slideshow mode online or in your browser. Now, aside from that, you can also rate the videos and comment on them. A model index is available and you can actually check out the latest updates in an updates page. Usually, newly uploaded videos show up in the main page. Updates are frequent, unlike before, and they usually do it two or three times a week. Not bad at all, considering that this site uploads really great quality content.
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The girls that star in this porn site are all Russian girls and with their thick accents and even thicker personalities, you will get the best out of this fun filled adventure in the form of reality porn. Sure, the tricking is something oddly unique, but the sex is also something to be looking forward to, as they slowly start as something erotic and naughty, to full blown hardcore and intense. The girls here are amateurs but they know how to make a porn scene look extra delicious.

With their gorgeous faces and hot bodies, I am pretty sure you will be addicted in one way or another. All the videos here last for 30 minutes and all of them are in high definition. Even the slightly older ones are in complete HD. You may download the videos in either MP4 or Windows format. You can also stream them in your browser, just make sure your Flash player is updated. The pixel resolution available is at least 1920 x 1080. No download limit in here.

Long Story Short

TrickyAgent is something that I will have to recommend to everyone who loves a little reality based porn material. Not only do you get great looking videos, the theme is amazingly unique and the girls are all gorgeous. The updates are doing well, so far and there is so much things to look forward to here.

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