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Tuesday, 26 April 2016 / Published in Fetish
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Thefacefuckhour Overview

Forget about the happy hours since it is starting to get more expensive. Moreover, are you sure that the chick you are staring at has no boyfriend? Or maybe, just maybe she is also looking for a girlfriend just like you do. So, in case you are obsessed with blowjobs lately, I think that you should make some changes in your Friday night routine. For pornographic fuck face pleasure, you can begin your night at the TheFaceFuckHour brought to you by the PUB network. It is wild and crazy as these sluts will suck, lick and milk those huge cocks like you never have seen before. If you are a fan of seeing chicks sucking the lives out of those huge dicks down to their throat, I presume that you are going to like the stuff once you go inside to the site.

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Tech & Specs

You’ll be overwhelmed with wide arrays of chicks sucking dicks available at the homepage. Quite frankly, I was actually speechless seeing these chicks handling lots of huge dicks in front of them. I was literally shocked of what I’ve seen so far from the site, but somehow I manage to do my job by assessing this astonishing fuck face online platform. The dudes will fuck the face of these bitches as they unload their warm jizz. I see some familiar faces in the porn filming business such as Filthy Rich, Jennifer White, and Mena Mason. It’s a total fuck face cock sucking action that made my dick very angry indeed. The videos and galleries are presented in thumbnails. But, even though I’m too familiar with the network, it seems to be difficult for me where will I begin my exploration. Even if I see a lot of lovely faces, my problem is, the site makes me frail since I’m also seeing lots of huge chocolate meaty cocks and white rosy dicks. All the chicks are professionals but I could say that not all of them got big names in the porn business. Admittedly, I only recognized few porn stars I bumped into the network. Yet again, they have been in this kind of business and they are not the kind of sluts found on the streets. Most of these chicks got big titties, smooth skin, tight bodies and rosy nipples. Currently, there are over than 35 videos and 25 photo galleries available at the homepage. Both of them are presented in thumbnails. You can tell the difference between the two by its sizes. The videos and photos got separated sections when using the navigation bar. Videos are accessible using multiple formats such as WMV and MP4 for high quality for downloads and Flash for fast streaming. For the images, all of them are in good shape with great lightings and effects. These photos are mostly taken from the videos and some of them scenes from the other bonus sites. The members are granted accessing over than 35 bonus sites by the network. Moreover, there are lots of additional perks available such as 24/7 chat, live shows, and a daily dose of updates. As the name implies, you will be pleased that the site offers video quality the same with the photos. Most of the images are crystal clear and the quality of the videos are good. The archive photos, however, are often blurry whether you will upsize the view or not. These images can be transferred to your computer using zip files that are 100% malware and virus free.

Content Quality

Yes, most of the porn stars were featured are not that kind of popular. They’ve got different traits including their boob sizes, their complexion and the color of their hair. But, they have one thing in common, they are longing for dicks and thirsty for warm cum. The actions include blowjobs, boob jobs, and lots of face fucking bitches. Aside from the actions, you can see them close and personal by watching the behind the scene videos. See them as the filmmaker instruct them what to do and how they manage to keep their performance sensational as the camera rolls. Famous porn stars I recognized from the site is Nikki Sexx. This blonde, tall and busty bombshell has been in the business for quite some time now. Her name echoes almost everywhere in the online porn platforms. She worked at the gas station before she was discovered in the adult entertainment industry. She started performing exotic and hardcore films when she was in her mid20s. She worked in many major porn companies such as Brazzers, Naughty America, and New Sensation. Mena Mason will be fucked at her face upside down. The dude manages to carry her as she begins to suck and lick the huge dick. Oh, by the way, I would like to mention that one of my ultimate fantasy Leyla Price is also featured on the site. In here, she will milk the white dude’s dick and make the most of her tongue and lips for pleasure sake. I love the way she licks the foreskin of the dude and stares back at the camera. It is extraordinary blowjob action that keeps my eyes amused. Of course, when there’s a blowjob action, expect that there will be also facial cum. The girls make sure that ever droplet of semen counts.

Long Story Short

I like those deep throat actions, hard-pressed fuck face blowjob scenes, and facial cum, then you no longer have to go to the nearest clubs in your area. Keep in mind that the daily download has its own limit if you are planning to sign up prior to the site in one day. Though you might say that the site has a few content to offer, what made me convinced to become a member is the quality of the videos.

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