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ToryLane  Overview

The beautiful brunette American porn star actress Tory Lane was born on 30th September the year 1982. She went by the name Lisa Nicole Piasecki before taking the name of Tory Lane. She was born in Florida, Fort Lauderdale to be precise. She is said to originate from both Poland and Italy, no wonder she is so irresistible. Despite the fact that she is both Polish and Italian, she has lived in the United States of America and still does up to now.

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Tech & Specs

Tory graduated high school and joined college to pursue her degree after getting much pressure from her parents to join college and get a decent education. She graduated with an associate degree in business, Broward community college, at a hometown in Florida. She worked several jobs before getting into the porn filming business.

She is known to have worked at a bar in Florida while in college known as The Elbo. She also worked at Hooters, worldwide franchise restaurant known for its’ reputable beautiful waitresses. On top of all of that she and her close friend, Harmony Rose, decided to get into a stripping competition and won a sizable cash price. Since then, she started dancing as a stripper and continued to do so in a number of clubs in Florida.

Content Quality

Her amazing and curvy body weighing 54 Kgs standing at 168 cm tall was loved by many giving her the motivation to advance to the adult filming industry. This was in 2004 when she was barely 20 years. Her friend Harmony was dating a guy who knew Peter North, A legendary porn film actor. Harmony got a chance to go to Los Angeles to do a film. When she came back to Florida, she convinced Tory that it was an amazing opportunity and that she will have so much fun at the same time. She got an opportunity to sign up at a renowned agency in Los Angeles, LA Direct models.

She began her adult acting on some hardcore films rocking many viewers, especially their pants. She has worked in the top producing porn companies as both a sexy actress and director in some instances. Being in the porn industry means you have to be a people pleaser and Tory doesn’t shy away from this fact. She is proud of her nakedness and gets turned on by knowing that her viewers love her so much and jerk off uncontrollably to her films. Tory Lane got a chance to work as both a director and an actress in Sin City 2007 May. She was given a two-year contract. But due to reasons best known to her, she decided to end the contract well before the term was over.

She just did a year at Sun City and to be precise, she left in May 2008. She continued working in the industry in a number of adult film companies including Pornstars Forever, Brazzers Network, Top Web Models, Pervcity, Naughty America, My Cumshot Oasis, Maniac Pass, The Stall, Fame Digital, Eat Sleep Porn, Wank Pass, Matures HD, Swank Mag, Livegonzo, Just Porno, Soumise, All Sex Pass, Puba, Anal HD, Santa Latina, Scores Live, Lingerie Videos, Raw Vids, Candy Girl Pass, Brutal Videos, Stiffa, Erotic Tv Live, Pornsurfershowcase.

Although she is working most of the time in the filming industry, she still from time to time works as a stripper. It is a privilege to have her in a night club so her demand is quite high. Tory is well appreciated in the United States and more on the southern side. Having done so much in the porn industry and getting a large fan base, she decided to create her official website to help create a platform dedicated to her increasing the number of fans and followers.

She goes to the extent of creating exclusive videos thus a great number of viewers. On this website, she can talk to her fans directly through direct chats, more like the modern fan mail replacing the old fashion way of sending letters to celebrities. Tory still loves the porn filming industry and so do her fans. She should keep on doing this since it keeps us sitting on the edge of our seats, literally.

Long Story Short

Tory Lane was dating a guy back in Florida. Eventually, they broke up and she continued doing her work as an actress in the adult film industry. One time she was doing a set, she met the guy who would be her husband, Rick Shameless. He was directing the film and they hit it off quite well. They dated for a few months before they decided that they were ready to tie the knot. Without making a big fuss, they flew to Las Vegas and got married in 2005 in Nevada. This disappointed Tory’s dad, it’s like he wanted to do a big wedding for her daughter.

During their marriage, Tory decided to do only lesbian scenes. This affected her career since her employers were not willing to be that flexible. A year later, Tory and her husband decided to split up for reasons unknown to the public. After this fallout, she decided to go back to having sex with men on screen. This helps a great deal in landing good jobs and getting more opportunities.

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