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Monday, 14 December 2015 / Published in Amateur / GF
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Trueamateurmodels Overview

Trueamateuremodels is a soft porn site that features attractive models picked from various town spots. These models exude shyness and innocence. The latter is the catch. There are those of us with a marked craving for viewing reserved innocent and attractive girls in their skin. The site offers plenty of high quality content. The pics and the videos come with the highest specs in town.

Tech & Specs

The landing page adopts a blue and black color theme. You are subtly lured into a romantic mood with the careful splatter of the color themes. There is plenty of material to view on this site. Although it is meant to be a largely photography platform, you also get a lot of videos. The content is all in HD and high resolution. I had the pleasure and privilege of viewing the stunning beauties in their amateurish exploits. I loved the way the site loads at fast speed. I had no problems browsing their pages. In addition, I was also able to sift through the content of the site using my mobile phone.

Streaming is quite fluid and impressive on this site. The content can also be downloaded to your local devices. There isn’t any offer for bonuses or live cam but I wasn’t affected at all. There is quite a lot to sample right on the site. Navigation on the site is not your state of the art experience but I was able to sample all there is with relative ease; thanks to the tags and the model indexes availed. The layout of the site is also great. There are fairly well outlined categories that help the user to figure out what lies beneath. They can, therefore, select their choice scenes as soon as they land.

Content Quality

The models are sexy, hot and innocent. They are seen in sexy lingerie or even totally nude in several scenes as they show off their beautiful bodies and goodies. All the girls featured on this site are energetic and sexy. They are in the prime of their sex life and seek to make a mark on the soft porn scene. Let me give an account of my experience with some of the models. I first met Abby. Abby is a pretty tall girl with an easy look from at face value. I got curious because Abby seemed to me the sort of girl who wouldn’t strip, even for her gods. I quickly clicked on her caption and was taken directly to the actual scenes in which she is captured in action. I was treated to the allure of naughty tenderness.

Another pair that impressed me is the Erin and Kirin duo. The two lively models are great to see in their skin. I saw them draped in some beautiful casual apparel before things got a little hotter. They consequently proceeded to undress and showed off their butts, boobs and pussy. They seem to offer each other some support for confidence in stripping. There are plenty of other models who sport a sexy look on the site. There are 50 videos scenes that come alive in HD on this site. Each of the scenes has an average playback of 8 minutes per video. The files are available on WMV and MP4 formats. If you feel like you should turn down the heat a little, you can opt for the photo galleries. You have access to a whopping 793 galleries on this site. Each of the galleries features pretty models in up to 155 pics that are allocated to each gallery.

Long Story Short

If you have a fetish for amateur girls in their nude, I can’t think of a better place to hook up with some. The site offers plenty of exclusive content. The amount of content is amazingly sufficient. The quality of their pictures is great too. The girls are certainly the more reason you will want to keep revisiting.

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