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Saturday, 17 October 2015 / Published in Tranny
Best premium porn site of the amazing Venus Lux. You can watch al sort of videos of her in HD


There are very few sites that focus on only trannies. You can find a lot of sites featuring all sorts of girl on girl or boy on boy action but it’s rare that a website is so totally dedicated to trannies. The ladies here are beautiful to look at and if you have a thing for their lovely boobs and luscious lips then Venus Lux is for you. The website has won plenty of awards over a period of time that has made it a very popular among people who love trannies. It’s hard to find websites that are totally dedicated to just one person and Venus Lux is one such site. It is the official site of a lovely looking and award winning porn star Venus Lux. She is the hottest tranny that you can find on the internet and she has so many fans that it has resulted in creating this website for all her fans. Venus Lux has won several awards and she is the “it” girl in the Tranny universe. She was awarded the Transsexual Performer of the Year in 2015 and there is a scene in one of her movies that won her the Best Transsexual Scene of 2015. Yes. Venus Lux is making waves not only with her charming persona but also with her excellent work on screen. Venus Lux is also known to be one of the most generous porn stars you will meet. She often randomly picks up her fans and performs with them. So, don’t be surprised if you catch yourself going on a date with this lovely lady.

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Design & Features

The design of Venus Lux’s website, which is also called Venus Lux, is as professional as a site can get. That’s pretty much expected from a chick who is making waves in the world of porn. She is aware of her worth in the world of porn movies and she is cashing on it majorly. You can view all her photos and make sure of the stuff that is up for the taking for all the fans. Venus Lux also has some of the videos that she has starred in. Although Venus Lux is relatively new in the porn industry, she has already made her mark and that’s one of the reasons you will find her offering plenty of material on the site. All the videos on the site are stunning. They feature Venus Lux’s best body parts and show her mostly in action. You can look at her feet, boobs, and ass and of course also watch her cuming. No subject is taboo when it comes to Venus Lux and that’s the reason Venus Lux, the pornstar is so big. The website itself is designed to be browsed no matter where you are accessing it from. Whether you are watching Venus Lux on an IPad or whether you are looking at her pictures on an android device. There are a lot of interactive features on the website too. You can have a video chat with your favorite star or just spend time looking at her wonderful pictures. It’s all up to you. You can make sue of any design and feature depending on what your tastes really are. If you’re a fan of solo cation then you can look at Venus Lux playing around with herself. However, if you think you would like to watch Venus Lux in all her glory, fucking around then you can do that too. Venus Lux, like a great professional has made pretty much everything available for its fans.

Girls & Videos

Venus Lux is a great looking Tranny of Asian heritage who has certainly got a lottery in the looks department. The videos and photos on the site are very detailed and feature Venus Lux in various positions showing all of her assets. The quality of videos and pictures that you find on Venus Lux is nothing but High Definition. Yes. For good porn watching, it is very essential to watch it in the best possible format. That’s why a professional site like Venus Lux makes sure that you are not looking at shoddy videos that are not in fact filmed by professionals. Venus Lux is a truly professional porn stars and that is reflected in her site. You can find her wearing different costumes, skimpy dresses or just showing off her pretty feet. Yes. Venus Lux knows what keeps her fans ticking and she makes sure she gives nothing but the best to them. She is a great porn actor and an even better person. She does not hesitate to please you when you have a personal one-on-one time with her. So, don’t be afraid to check out what she has to offer you. The videos can be downloaded or just watched live on the website. There are a lot of options that the site offers you. But most of all it gives you the charms of Venus Lux, an AVN award winning Transsexual superstar. You can never seen a tranny like her before. She’s got her T-game all set for you. And that’s visible from the boys who throng the site. All the fans of Venus Lux know what a knock out she is and you must try her too.


Venus Lux is for everyone who is looking for not just hard core porn videos but also some erotic videos featuring the porn star herself. What’s better than a porn star herself at your service? Venus Lux makes sure that she makes you feel at home if you are visiting her site or are opting in for an interactive session with her. If you are not then you can make all sorts of videos and photos available to yourself. You would not be disappointed by the amount of porn that is available on the site. It will surely entertain you and satisfy you.

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