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Friday, 27 November 2015 / Published in Euro
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Bitchstop Overview

Bitchstop is an adult entertainment site that features eastern European models in porn action. The classic narrative of virile men driving around and picking up an unknown bitch along the way is a truly old goodie. You get access to a range of porn antics ranging from soft amateur shows to sophisticated, seductive teasers that culminate in some hardcore action that leaves the viewer agape with desire and pleasant surprise. The girls on Amateursexteens definitely know how to turn the heat on everybody around, including the viewer.

Tech & Specs

I love the layout on this site. The categories are listed down on the landing page with textual descriptions of what the scene captions lead to. All the captions have tags that lead to various scenes. Therefore navigation is quite seamless here. The videos are presented in crystal clear HD form that plays in both WMV and MP4. I also like the fact that you don’t have to download the content to experience the scenes. The videos can be streamed directly using the inbuilt flash player. You can take a tour through the galleries and savor the pics too. Apart from the content you access as a result of subscribing to their membership plan, you are privy to accessing several bonus sites. If you are like me, you might as well start with the bonus sites just so you catch up with the content in case someone changes their mind. The bonus sites you access with the membership subscription include Mental Pass, Czech GFS, Amateur Sex and Czasting. You will be happy to hear that the site is not only mobile friendly but presents you with clear HD video content. The pages on the site are numbered but, unfortunately, this is the closest they get to making your navigation, on the site, bearable. This is an aspect you can bet the site is working on. Yet, given the fact that it is a relatively new site, they must be credited for having achieved sop much within such a short period. Navigation is something of a rocky experience because there isn’t a search tool on the site while some scenes are not translated into English. Nevertheless, I think that the fact that the site provides users with so much for a little cash is the outstanding feature. Moreover, the site is one of he newest porn sites to provide exclusive content. It is an attractive option for people with a fetish for hot East European models.

Content Quality

Spontaneous sex is great. Wild sex is even the greatest thing that can happen to me. Yet, having sex in the wild is an adventure I had to try out on video first. AmateurSexTeens features several scenes of sex in the wild. This site is full of amazingly beautiful Czhech bitches fucking men and fellow girls with such gusto and unwavering desire for more. The amateur bitches are often tricked into rides by men with a mission to sow wild oats. They end up in private houses in out-flung locations with only them and their captors. I was aroused by the abundant show of tits and nipples on camera. There are numerous panoramic scenes with the girls soaring with orgasmic moans as the men pound and rock away in incessant pleasure. The girls twist turn and wriggle in the arms of their fuckers as they yearn for more. They drink cum like fresh milk and seem to be asking for more. Zeneta turned the heat a notch higher as I wondered and stopped to view her show of sensual strength. The brilliant looking hottie in her luminous green top and denim hot pants encapsulates the definition of pime beauty. Zeneta is also something of a slippery gem to her regular man. She sneaks out of sight and catches up with her random fucker. She has no qualms about screwing a stranger. She is taken in the car and given a screw of her life. She sucks the stranger’s dick and brings down her full soft bums down his loins as he inserts his rod deeper. The woods do not seem to matter. She is focused, energetic and horny. She bobs her hair back as the dude releases his milk in indescribable orgasmic spasm. There are 80 videos on the site. Each of them has a playtime of 28 minutes. There is no limit to the number of downloads. The videos are available in WMV and MP4 formats.

Long Story Short

This is a unique site with eastern European porn content. The fact that it is frequently updated makes me want to keep checking out what ensues.

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