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Monday, 02 May 2016 / Published in Asian
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Dirtypancake Overview

What’s that one important element in porn that we all porn viewers need in order to get the best satisfied feeling out of porn? It’s how the video makes us PERSONALIZE! It’s that feeling where it makes us believe that we’re the guy fucking the girl on screen! It’s how she moans and screams and reacts to us as we drill our fucking dick inside of her! That’s what real porn is about! Today I’m tasked to review the ‘dirtypancake’ website. It’s gotten popular in such a short time because it invested its time in POV types of porn and trust me when I say this. The way she does it on cam would just blow your mind.

She’s one of those porn stars that, even though they’re new to the business, they’ve already gotten quite popular. I know you might not even know this girl yet since all the videos in her website is exclusive, but once you see her doing her stuff. You will never forget her dude… I don’t know how she does it. She makes you feel like she holds a special place in your memories. Which is why members keeps on coming back to her website. Now why don’t we take a dive and see what she has in store for us, shall we?

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Tech & Specs

Her homepage is really different from a lot that I’ve known of. Even her thumbnails are different. As you’ve noticed with other porn sites. The video’s thumbnails are usually poses of the porn stars, and once you’ve opened the video, you’ll feel betrayed because it hadn’t delivered what the thumbnail showed to you in the first place. But not here in dirtypancake. This website’s thumbnails offer exactly what you’ll be seeing the moment you start watching the video. I also like how the video description aren’t typed as if the person talking is on a third party. It’s really the porn star herself talking through the video descriptions. She talks about how she’s gonna open up her pussy to you, and about how she’s gonna have her girlfriend join her and get fucked, she also talks about how she’s getting rammed too hard and that her slit is getting totally destroyed.

If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see more previews of her doing her thing with other girls and in the very bottom part of the homepage you’ll notice a preview of random sites. Believe it or not. Those are official porn sites, and once you become an official member of Dirtypancake, all those sites you see down there will be yours FOR FREE! Which are a lot I might say. Some of those sites even features single girls as well. These are not things to be taken lightly since you’ll be saving a lot of money just by being a member of this one site. As for the website’s navigation, you’ll find it quite amusing and simplistic, which is good since we don’t like to get lost in websites very often, especially not in porn sites! Just looking at the website’s design and features, this thing has great potential to get its members hooked in for the long haul.

Content Quality

Pancake is a half-Thai, half-brit girl. If there’s one thing she’s good at, that’s personalizing the porn itself. She will fuck the guy, be drilled in all sorts of ways, even take control of the guy, but still keeps her eyes on the camera ALL THE WAY. That’s what’s so amazing about her, it’s like she’s looking at your very heart and soul as she gets rammed hard in that amazing pussy of her! But also listen to her moans dude, her moans are SOOooo satisfying, it might even cause you to explode before you finish the whole video! But that’s not all, she likes having her girlfriends over to get rammed as well. I say this with pride. Her friends are so damn pretty dude. Some are even so fucking pretty that you’ll want to see them more and more, and you will! It’s really exhilarating just seeing her friends getting rammed with her in the videos.

What’s great about it too is that you’ll feel like you yourself are ramming these girls! Her friends vary from Asian to brits too! But there’s one thing they all have in common. They love to get rammed hard and deep. But you know. All of these would be put to waste if it weren’t for the amazing video quality too. They offer a big screen resolution of 720×540 for the video. Let me not forget that they offer pictures too! 2000 pixels for photos and videos. All of these items are 100% exclusive so you won’t see them anywhere else! She even updates her photos and videos every week and gives a heads up about what she’ll be showing us next! Sometimes she gives out clues like “I like eating my girlfriend’s pussy” all in all, she does an amazing job.

Long Story Short

Now let’s take a step back and see what we’ve seen so far. So the web design is great. Navigations gives the viewers a simplistic theme and a lot of options too. The previews and the descriptions earn big points since those are the things viewers like us tend to focus on since we won’t click to watch unless we know what we’re getting. As for the videos, I don’t know what to say. It blew my mind to the point where no words could describe how exhilarating she makes me feel. I’m really honest about this, there are times I wished she was really my girlfriend. Again, let me say this.

SHE REALLY PERSONALIZES THE VIDEOS! I never get tired saying that. The way she focuses her eyes on you when they fucking gets too rough. The way she screams at you when her pussy can’t take it anymore. All these things she does really pulls you back into watching more of her until you explode. Out of 10 I’d give her a hundred dude. There’s really no complaining with the way she performs. So to rate everything about the site, it’s a big yes for me!

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