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Saturday, 24 October 2015 / Published in Fetish
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Subspace Land – The Dungeon of your Dreams

Everyone has a darkest place in mind, where you don’t expect anything more than complete freedom to make whatever you want to a woman, free of restrictions. Exploring this savage sex side, innumerous companies started to provide adult content that focus only in domination and slavery. With increasing competition and new sites appearing every month, bond-age or slavery lovers are living a real golden age, getting access to exclusive and diverse materials sure to provide entertainment for a long time. However, the huge amount of BDSM sites makes really hard to choose the right place to find reliable material with constant updates, making our precious money worth every penny. There’s a chance you heard about Subspace Land. But if you don’t, you really have no idea what you are losing. With quality and extremely rough material, Subspace Land captures you in a single preview, making sure to have your complete attention to show how to best treat a slave girl in BDSM fashion. With no further due, let’s find more about this intriguing place.

Design and Features

The first impression is really important for a company. Designers are specifically instructed to make consumers understand the company’s products instantly, portraying the best aspects of the product in a single, condensed image. We don’t know Subspace Land’s designer, but he surely did a hell of a first impression. The top banner shows a girl in different situations: constrained inside a cage, upside down with open arms, being fucked while tied by ropes and finally the last touch: a close-up of her face with a provocative expression and a single tear dangling. This image condenses every aspect of what Subspace Land has to offer you. The site has a dark atmosphere, with a black background that hid in opacity some of the girls dominated and tied, following you in every section and page. Every scene is portrayed by an incredible banner, with a mosaic of multiple highlights of the action, close-up of the models and title of the scene. There is a great effort putted in this covers. The scenes are displayed with some pictures below. You can either stream through a flash player or download whatever you want. The movies are in Windows Media, Apple QuickTime, and .mp4 formats, and the resolutions offered are 1280 x 720, 640 x 480 and 480 x 270. That way you can enjoy every frame by your desktop, tablet, Smart TV or smartphone. The videos page also offers a gigantic number of tags, making sure you know what is explored in each scene. You can also access the Tags Menu, that provides all the tags included in the movies and making the browsing and search of your fetish fast and intuitive. After clicking in your chosen tag, you are redirected to a list of all scenes that performs your favorite fetish. The actors tab provides a list with all the models included in Subspace Land’s scenes, so you can rapidly have access to all the scenes performed by the selected model. With perfect atmosphere for a such site, Subspace Land goes even further to give their audience the thrill they are looking for. You can send your ideas of new settings to be explored in the scenes, such as castles, forests, basements, anything go! Of course your submission will be evaluated by the producers, but if it is possible to me accessed, they will promptly make the scene with the location you provided! A nice feature that makes Subspace Land even more incredible. With the website and features properly analyzed, let’s take a look in the scenes quality, settings and the girls.

Girls and Videos

As a European site, Subspace Land select only the most beautiful and charismatic models to feature in their scenes. You will only find the freshest and more innocent faces through the models catalog. The performers have different shapes and hair and eyes colors, but mainly are slim, occasionally with beautiful huge breasts and curvy asses that assure a great slapping spot. Subspace Land makes sure to only contract the most professional girls, knowing some of the scenes’ acts can be too rough for inexperienced or unprofessional actresses. That way, all the action and slavery is supported by the models, with consent and previous knowledge of what will happen. And they scream and cry. A lot. About the action, there is something we need to punctuate: it is really HARD. Some people will not enjoy the roughness of the scenes, but these are not the main target of the site. If you want rough, submissive action with the proper dominance, you’ll receive some of the best materials in the internet by becoming a member of Subspace Land. The scenes explore multiples themes, such as cage constrictions, slapping, ropes and utilizes many accessories to improve the roughness, like mouth gags, blindfolds, dildos, duct tapes and many sex machines and objects to further extend the so called slavery. The dominance is great, as the master put their slaves in their proper place, being as punitive and rough as our dark dreams wishes. Subspace Land’s scenes are filmed in diverse locations, always focusing oppressive atmosphere and darker places to increase the tension of the scenes, such as castles, forests and dungeons. Worried about giving their members the best product possible, Subspace Land even encourages submissions of specific locations to record the scenes. In the technical view, there’s perfection in the filming and editing of the scenes. The final product is amazing, sure to surprise the pickiest of the viewers.


There is no softcore here, only slaps, spankings, tears and screams from the high-quality material. With a huge and beautiful collection of European girls, Subspace Land is a big competitor in the BDSM world, and need even more recognition. Do you like it rough? So don’t even think, just visit the site.

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