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Wednesday, 14 October 2015 / Published in Amateur / GF
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At a time when several porn websites are moving towards being more niche central Velvet Ecstasy makes sure that tries to put in everything in a porn site. That way not only porn lovers get everything under one roof, they are also spared a lot of work. How? Well, looking for the right kind of porn to watch is as excruciating as making one. There are plenty of websites out there promising the world to the viewers and all you want to do is cut down on the time you spend on the site. If you are one of those people who love porn but don’t like any particular type then Velvet Ecstasy is for you.

The porn on Velvet Ecstasy ranges into all sorts of categories and you can look at anything you want. If you like amateurs, they have them. But if you are fond of professional porn stars, then they have them too. Do you like ladies in solo action? Not to worry because ladies love solo action too. But if you like to watch couples in action then Velvet Ecstasy has that for you. So, no matter the category, Velvet Ecstasy makes sure that it tries to incorporate it. That’s right. Velvet Ecstasy is a porn site that believes in balance. That’s why you are going to find real couples and professional modes suck, fuck and cum. And all that is for real. There are no camera tricks going on in here.

Design & Features

Variety is the Spice of Life is the adage that Velvet Ecstasy goes by. That’s right. They believe in exploring everything that the art of sex encompasses. Whether it’s just a hand job or lesbians having sensual sex, foot fetish, threesome, anal, rim jobs, and foot fetish – you name it and Velvet Ecstasy has it. Velvet Ecstasy deals with everything that can end into an ecstasy. That’s right there are lot of videos and probably the only thing each one of them has in common are the cumshots at the end of the videos. Needless to say, freshness is another commandment Velvet Ecstasy goes by. There are exclusive hardcore and softcore sex. The site is updated every week and you will find bonus galleries every single day.

That’s right. Velvet Ecstasy wants you to have access to nothing but the best sex and it gets a bit stale if you don’t have the variety in it. That’s why it’s so important to go for the sites that have the best variety. For Velvet Ecstasy sex is art. And the videos, are an expression or an extension of art itself. You can find all the videos on Velvet Ecstasy to have that creative bent that the best sex art movies have. The lighting and the sets are often tailor made and changed to make sure that the fantasies look real and unique.

The scenarios are all written down by the best script writers who are passionate about sex. They don’t do it as a job. They love to do it because they love sex. They are experts of sorts who work around very unique scenarios and make sure that they keep the videos show creative. If there is one guarantee that you will find on Velvet Ecstasy, it is that the couples on Velvet Ecstasy are real. That’s right. 100% real. These men and women are either in a relationship, engaged, married or dating. Velvet Ecstasy does not use people who have to act out their chemistry on the camera. Velvet Ecstasy believes in natural chemistry. That’s because it is very important in making of a great porn video. So, if you are certain that real is your thing then you will definitely like Velvet Ecstasy.

Girls & Videos

Velvet Ecstasy promises variety in everything and it understands that when it comes to girls, variety is even more important. That’s why it gives you amateur couples and ladies who are pleasing themselves as well as getting facials. That’s because Velvet Ecstasy knows that there are all sorts of people with all sorts of fantasies and Velvet Ecstasy wants to make sure that it has all of them. That’s why the true fans of porn and sexy chicks love Velvet Ecstasy. If female orgasm is what you want, come to Velvet Ecstasy and if you want to see men coming then you get on Velvet Ecstasy too. The most fun section of Velvet Ecstasy is the bonus that you get. You can access lot of photos and archives as well. The videos you find on Velvet Ecstasy are nothing but high quality. They are all high resolution and you can watch them on TV, phones or the good old desktop.

Velvet Ecstasy does not discriminate between any medium. For them what is most important is that the subscribers enjoy the variety and 100% real orgasms that it offers to them. How they do it is not any of their business. So, if you like to enjoy porn no matter where you are then Velvet Ecstasy is the place to be. You can also get thousands of hour so erotic cartoon and adult games. That’s right sex gets interactive here on Velvet Ecstasy. What’s the one if you have to wank alone in one room? What’s better than playing a game? You can get thousands of happy hours here on Velvet Ecstasy and you don’t even have to pay a bomb.


Velvet Ecstasy does not believe in making claims and promises it can’t keep that’s why it urges you to check out what it has on the site and make up your mind. And trust us, you are not going to be disappointed by the amazing variety and professionalism of couples on Velvet Ecstasy. They are having 100% orgasms all day for thousands of hours. All you need to do is go grab them.

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