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Thugorgy Overview

Hung blacks studs and gangbang action has been in existence since time immemorial. Therefore, the establishment of ThugOrgy was an intentional cause of sexual eruption. The scenes on this website only remind us how far black sexual history dates back. As part of the GunzBlazingNetwork, you will surely be able to enjoy the action that can be found on the pages of this website. Specializing only in African American men, ThugOrgy is sexy, enticing, appealing and everything in between. As the other half of the DarkThunder website, you will be able to enjoy the best of both sites.

ThugOrgy is a condom-free gay site that was established in order to introduce a new side of gay porn to the world at large. The site is titled ThugOrgy because this is where gangs of hardcore thugs gather together to experience the best orgies that you have ever seen. It does not take much to find out what the site is all about. You will be delighted to enjoy the groups of ebony men having sex. If you are looking for some smooth, soothing chocolate, you will certainly find it here. The orgies galore will go out of its way to give you much more than you signed up for the camera work and photography that is evident throughout the site will give you crispy clears action that you can go crazy about.

ThugOrgy is ready to break all the rules for you. As the site’s name sounds really promising, you will go into a trance as soon as begin the ultimate tour that will lead you to dozens of orgasms. The scenes on ThugOrgy do not feature less than five guys in action and there is no limit as to how far they can go. One thing is certain, by the time these guys are done; they will not be able to walk uprightly for a month or two. If all the offerings that come with this site do not thrill you, then I doubt that anything much will. The level of horniness that lurks through the pages is as clear as day.

You do not have to go far to find the kind of excitement that this site offers. I’m sure that you will be delighted to see shots from all the right angles. Membership can begin on a trial basis and if you like the enjoyment that you are receiving from the site, you can progress to full membership. The decision solely lies in your hands. The hot gay collection features original content. There are no scripts on the site. The hot, black cocks are definitely put to good use.

The scenes are quite wild and they are exactly what you need to rediscover your kinky sides. I do not have a doubt that they will surely put you in the mood. The content is most certainly high definition. The scenes are quite amazing and are generally 1280×720 in size. They are big and sharp.ThugOrgy is made up of a decent collection of 204movie scenes and 167 galleries. The movies are about 20 minutes long yet each gallery contains about 100 photos each. This is a pretty good amount of content to keep you busy for a very long time. The site’s extras include a favorite folders user ratings and a mailing list.

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Tech & Specs

When you log into the members area, you will be asked to choose between two sites. As DarkThunder and ThugOrgy have similar content, the sites are considered an incredible pair. Therefore, the only way to end up on the ThugOrgy page is by selecting the name of the site. The member’s area has a lot to rave about. As you go through the site, you will realize that it will get better and better. You can freely test drive the movies by selecting the clips.

They will show you what you are in for should you go for longer scenes. Through the index pages, members will be able to enjoy five movies per page. The movies are tagged with an appropriate title, upload date and befitting descriptions. The movies have also been rated accordingly. There are many viewing options that are dependent on the quality that you want to see. You can either choose to go for WMV formats or flash streaming. The high-resolution photos are really good eye candy and are showcased as slideshows that feature for hands-free fun.

Content Quality

The name of the site already tells you that you will experience rough-looking, black thugs that are making all the necessary efforts to find pleasure. Some of the performers are fresh faces while a select few certainly show that they have been indulging in sexual gangbangs for a long time. Their skills will put yours to shame. It does not matter whether you want to see ripped men in action those who are a little more athletic or those that are slender, ThugOrgy will everything that you desire. Due to the rugged nature of the guys, you will obviously see a lot of do-rags, dreadlocks, sagged jeans and baseball caps.

However, not all performers are rough looking, there are handsome few that you will be definitely filled with top match action and the gangs of men will show you that they are ready to play. The guys are happy to indulge in action that involves ass-slapping, roasting cumshots and hard cock sucking ventures. The big cocks fill up their assholes and mouths effortlessly with a lot of jizz. The famous faces on the site are Drio, Johnny, Casanova, Dynasty and Quan. You can tell that not all of them use their real names; they prefer to go with aliases.

Long Story Short

There is so much to love about ThugOrgy. There are numerous DRM movies, an incredible number of photo sets and thugs who will steal the show. This is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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